And I have loved you wild

I’ve been rummaging around in my pile of oldies but goodies lately, and I came across this great Seven Bridges Road/Midnight Rider duet with Bo and Gary Nichols, plus Tommy Lee on keyboards. The screaming, the harmonies, all that hair – it’s awesome! Hope you enjoy the flashback as much as I do.

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Tommy in 2016

Peep favorite and keyboard master Thomas Lee is making music and blogs again. Despite being a full 50% of the duo Kaity and The Flood, Tommy still has time to show love to his old bandmates:

    Thomas here… we got to meet up with Bo Bice last night. Yes, THE Bo Bice. The guy from American Idol. The guy that changed the face of the show. He’s the one responsible for blowing the doors open for rockers to appear on those types of programs.

    I had the opportunity to tour with Bo for years after he finished AI, playing keyboards and guitar. We did so many shows all over the country, and I was lucky to perform live on shows such as Regis & Kelly, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel. Bo and I have remained good friends, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see Bo perform again.

    Before the show, Bo sat down with us for a while, telling everyone some hilarious stories about the time with me on the road. It was fun reliving some of those moments… like the time we all got locked out of the bus and had to push Bo through the small driver side window. We all thought he would get stuck, but he somehow managed to wriggle through and save the day.

    What a show! Bo has been touring with Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and WOW his voice sounds incredible. I was stunned. I sat back in my chair and said, “Wow,” a few times. The look on Kaity’s face told me that she agreed.

Bo’s right, Tommy, you should run for president. This can be your campaign song.

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BFB headquarters

Live moderator cam:

We aren’t getting anywhere with the forum issues, but at least we look cute not doing it. It’s up — for now.

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Lions anthem

Remember when Bo sang the national anthem at an NFL game in Detroit in 2011? We knew right away that he looked good.

Twitter reported that he sounded good, too, but we were never able to hear it for ourselves. However, sooner or later our crack sleuth always gets her man, and she’s just tracked down a video clip. High five, sjohnston!

It’s amazing to hear his voice bouncing off the rafters in the stadium. And to hear an NFL crowd that quiet and respectful up until the big notes! Way to go, Bo.

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Yes, we know

Once I finish banging my head on the table, I’ll work on it.

ETA: Okay, we’re time-traveling again but the forum is working. Come on in.

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We’re back!!!!!!!

Let’s party like it’s 2005!

We’ve managed to reload the last good backup and whack it on the side just right so it works again. That means we’ve lost all blog and forum posts since late June, but hey. We’ll take it!

(If the forum goes down again tonight, don’t anybody tell me.)

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Just Bo

Bo’s mostly on the road with Blood, Sweat and Tears these days, rocking with the big band. But folks in Michigan got a rare treat yesterday – acoustic Bo. Enjoy.

Thanks to sjohnston for the video!

Note to Bo – how about a stageit? We miss hearing you like this, so much.

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New Soul Revival remixed and expanded

Bo’s just released a new version of his gospel album New Soul Revival on Bo describes New Soul Revival Revived as having an “ALL NEW MIX AND MASTERING WITH BONUS TRACKS “I’M NOT BROKEN” AND “GLORY HALLELUJAH” feat. WILLIAM LEE GOLDEN.”

The new single was recorded for but not really heard on the tv show It Takes A Church.

I’m going to hold off buying the album until there are some song clips, but fortunately the new track I’m Not Broken is up for preview and purchase on both Amazon and itunes. It’s a gentle, hopeful little tune, with very country instrumentation. Bo sounds quite lovely on it. What do you think peeps? Excited to have a bit of new music??

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Good-bye Ben E King

Today we heard the sad news that singer and songwriter Ben E King has passed away. His great Stand By Me is one of those songs that will last forever – just a few months ago, the Library of Congress added it to the National Recording Registry, an archive which”safeguards the words, sounds and music that embody who we are as a people and a nation.”

King’s own recording of the song will never be surpassed, but of course peeps are also very fond of Bo’s version from American Idol.

I’m also huge fan of Ben E’s work with The Drifters – those harmonies!

He was an amazing talent.

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Who’s lyrics did they sing, though?

Bo was back out on the road with BST on Friday, and a very special guest showed up for the encore. (For those of you who haven’t been keeping up to date on Teh Hair Situation, take a deep breath before you click.)

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