It’s all gravy

Good news, peeps – Bo’s scheduled a Concert Window show for Saturday! Take a break from Christmas shopping, make yourself a turkey sandwich, and tune at 7pm eastern. Bo’s not done many webshows this year – maybe a good size audience with convince him to start them up again.

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Room with a view

Last month Bo got the helicopter ride of his life during his Armed Forces Entertainment visit to Afghanistan.

Looks like fun! (Though I think I’d need more than one strap – do they let you duct tape yourself to the ramp, I wonder?)

Stars For Stripes has a ton of photos posted here if you want to see more. Thanks to sjohnston (as always!) for turning these up.

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Something to talk about

I fell into the youtube rabbit hole last night when I read that it was Bonnie Raitt’s birthday. Such a great singer and songwriter! Here’s to many more years of music ahead.

Since this is a Bo Bice blog, though, I’ll let you youtube Bonnie on your own, and give you Bo covering one of my favorite Bonnie covers, the John Prine classic Angel From Montgomery. (Did that sentence make any sense?)

While we’re talking Bonnie Raitt, I’d dearly love to hear Bo take on I Can’t Make You Love Me.

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Dear Major League Baseball

You should have asked this guy instead.

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Bo’s winding down his touring for the year, which means we’re mostly going to have to get by on rumors and speculation for the next few months. I’ll start with this one: is BS&T going to include a cover of Mercy on the new album?

The song was a big hit for Duffy back in 2008, and since then it’s been covered by a lot of bands, as well as become a bit of a TV show darling. Still, it doesn’t feel overdone, and BS&T crowds have been loving hearing the band tear it up all year. After the show up above, BFB member ncbice posted:

Oh I have to agree that MERCY gets to me every time. I think they plan on putting it on the CD. At both shows last weekend he said that they were planning on a CD in 2015 and that they would like to try out some new songs then he would go right into Mercy.

What do you think, peeps, good choice for the album or not?

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Who’s entertaining who?

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Safe travels

Bo’s off to the Middle East for a week-long tour with Armed Forces Entertainment. He’s been eager to get back to the troops the last few years, so it’s no surprise a flight attendant caught him with a big smile:

Had Bo Bice, the 2005 American Idol runner up to Carrie Underwood and his band on my flight tonight to Kuwait. They’re continuing on to Afghanistan to play for the troops. Didn’t recognize him without the long hair! Fun guys.

We know you’ll show ‘em a good time, Bo and band. Safe travels.

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Midweek Meet and Greet is back

Don’t miss Bo’s second Concert Window show on Wednesday – that’s today!

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All hope is not lost!

After 6 months of silence, I figured Bo had lost all interest in stageit. But look at this!

Mid-Week Meet & Greet ARE BACK!!
Aug 13 – 08:00 PM Eastern- 30 Min Show

And if that isn’t exciting enough, he’s also doing an earlier show on Concert Window at 7 pm tomorrow!

Not just one, but two?!?!11!!! I feel an attack of the vapors coming on. (But I know I’ll revive in time to tune in!)

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Michael Johns

American Idol Season 7 alum Michael Johns died unexpectedly yesterday, much too young.

All of us at BFB send our sympathies to Michael’s family, friends, and fans.

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