Midweek Meet and Greet is back

Don’t miss Bo’s second Concert Window show on Wednesday – that’s today!

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All hope is not lost!

After 6 months of silence, I figured Bo had lost all interest in stageit. But look at this!

Mid-Week Meet & Greet ARE BACK!!
Aug 13 – 08:00 PM Eastern- 30 Min Show

And if that isn’t exciting enough, he’s also doing an earlier show on Concert Window at 7 pm tomorrow!

Not just one, but two?!?!11!!! I feel an attack of the vapors coming on. (But I know I’ll revive in time to tune in!)

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Michael Johns

American Idol Season 7 alum Michael Johns died unexpectedly yesterday, much too young.

All of us at BFB send our sympathies to Michael’s family, friends, and fans.

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Bo talks 2015

Bo was interviewed in Nashville few months ago during CMA Fest, but the conversation has only now made it online.

As always, Bo has a lot of plans. I’m a little skeptical of some of them, but I enjoy hearing him sound so enthused.

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The first and still the best

Here again for all the liberal, conservative, southern, northern, happy, angsty, long hair-missing, short-hair-loving, posting, lurking, drifted away, still hooked, bad fan, tru fan, Bb.c belonging, BFB reading peeps – the one thing we all agree on…

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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They’ll make beautiful music together

Look who’s going to be working with Bo tomorrow!

Jim Peterik’s Official Page

Need to chill and get psyched for the week to come in Nashville. Monday writing with my pal Bo Bice for the new BS&T cd. He is the new lead singer. Good move Bo and BS&T! If you woulda told me this would someday happen when I was 18 watching them at the Kinetic Playground I woulda said “Shut the door! No way”. Of course I was channeling their singer David Clayton Thomas when I recorded Vehicle in 1970. What a crazy world! If you hang on tight you’ll see it full circle.

Wonderful news – Jim knows how to write great songs for big bands. I bet they come up with a barnburner. And we know that everytime those two get together, they rock…

Here they are meeting for the first time at Tin Pan South in 2010.

The two of them singing the hell out of Vehicle at a music camp for high school kids.

Getting down (and up) with Witness.

Have fun, boys!

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One hand in the air, everyone

Bo sang a few songs with Mac Powell at the CMA Fest last night. The two of them have been tweeting one another for years about jamming together, which made it extra fun.

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Words could make wishes come true

One of the highlights of Bo’s run on American Idol was his sincere and lovely version of Time In A Bottle.

We all know that the performance led to a friendship between Bo and the Croce family, but we didn’t know how it all started. Until now.

Bo Bice wanted to perform Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle,” but music supervisor Susan Slamer wasn’t sure she could get permission. When the song cleared she called Croce’s widow, Ingrid, to thank her. Ingrid said she was going to say no, but her son A.J. was a fan of Bo’s. When Slamer said that Bo was a fan of her late husband, Ingrid asked to speak to Bo.

Bice was rehearsing on stage when Slamer handed him her cell phone and told him to place a call to a certain number. As the phone rang, Slamer told him the woman about to answer was Jim Croce’s widow. Bo started talking and the rest of the top 11 could see tears streaming down his face. They rushed over to see if he was all right. “Everything’s great,” Slamer assured them. “When Bo hung up, he said it was the most amazing moment of his life.”

Altogether now – awww. Yet another reason that Bo has never been anything but grateful for his AI experience.

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Bo or no?

There’s a commercial out for the upcoming season of the tv show 24, which features the classic Chambers Brothers tune Time Has Come Today. The sound is pretty muffled, but there are times it almost sort of maybe sounds like Bo’s version of the song and not the original. Bo’s tweeted that he doesn’t think it’s him, but some of the peeps disagree.

24 ad:

Chambers Brothers version:

Bo’s take:

Monopoly ad

itunes snippet
Listen here

What say you – is it Bo or not?

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Like you have something better to do

Hey peeps, it’s time to get buzzed on chocolate eggs and marshmallows and get busy. Ryan Seacrest, who will own us all before too long, is running another silly clickbait contest on his website, this time to pick the “Favorite American Idol Contestant of All-Time.” Of All-Time! That’s got to be Bo Bice, America.

Don’t let the sun go down before you get on over there and vote! Often.

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