A Different Account

Some of you know LAXguy from TWoP, bobice.com and this forum. He was kind enough to stop by with his recap of last night, which is a little less melodramatic than the prior version:

I was at Anaheim last night. I’ll try to be as accurate as possible, but please understand that it was an emotional experience, and I’ve had little sleep since. With that in mind, here’s my two cents:

Bo did look very thin; his face almost gaunt. Right from the beginning, he informed the crowd that he had a touch of the flu, but was gonna put on a show regardless.

His voice sounded fine, but you could see his energy level was low. After “I’m Gone” and “American Blood”, Bo seemed to try and jumpstart himself by doing “Don’t Mess Around with Jim.” Rather than inject more energy into the show, however, it seemed to take more out of him.

He then did Skynyrd’s “Tuesday’s Gone” (NOT “Witness”), and pretty much made it through the whole song. Near its end, however, he first walked back to his guitar stand, then abrupty exited the stage without saying anything. Tommy played keyboards for a few more bars, before he stopped and also left the stage.

We were left literally in the dark; and what at first seemed like a momentary spell, stretched into ten.. then fifteen.. then twenty minutes. I was upstairs on the balcony when I heard that “paramedics” could be seen backstage. I went to the edge of the balcony and saw a cluster of people standing in the wings. I could NOT see Bo from that position, but they were apparently around him.

A HOB security guard was standing nearby, so a couple of us asked him for more info. He said that, from what he knew, Bo sat down immediately upon leaving the stage, saying that he didn’t think he could continue. Staff asked if they could do anything for him and if he would like them to call a nurse. He said yeah.

It was maybe ten more minutes before Bo surprisingly re-took the stage. (I’d estimate he was gone for a half hour or so.) Gary and Tommy were with him. Bo seemed truly sorry for what had happened, telling us that he had not been feeling well for the past couple of days. Once again, he termed it a “flu”, iirc. He mentioned how, on the previous tour, there were a dozen times when he felt sick because of his intestinal problems, but how he had always pushed through and done the show. Tonight, however, things just got the better of him, he said.

Since it was always his intention to give us a show, he would try to do that while wrapping things up. Sorry, I can’t tell you the name of the song he then did, because I was more focussed on how he was looking/acting than on what he was singing. He then closed things out with “SHA” — and certainly gave it the old college try. He did not appear to me to be close to collapsing after it; I felt that Gary’s and Tommy’s support was more emotional than physical at that point.

He again told us how much he appreciated our understanding, and promised he would make it up to us in the future. He had kind words, as usual, for the great staff at the HOB. He also made mention of his faith — but I cannot do justice to his words on this point. Again, my apologies.

As might be expected, he seemed tired and sad when he left the stage. I’m sure it was breaking his heart to leave; but I hope he realizes that it was breaking ours to see him struggle to stay.

I know every one of our readers and every one of our forum members is wishing Bo nothing but the very best.

We love you with all our hearts, Bo.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting and keeping us informed. My heart’s just breaking for Bo right now. I saw the stuff on bb.com about Bo going back to record stuff – in the middle of a tour? Sorry but I can’t see him flying to his home studio and back to the tour bus. I’m picking illness. But I would NOT mind being wrong about this one at all! I just Bo’s honestly well before going back on stage again. Even if it means missing him here in San Diego tomorrow evening. Please take care of yourself Bogart!


  2. Avatar BikerChick57
    BikerChick57 says:

    Please, please, please, let this just be a virus, and not the dreaded intestinal problems. Please.

  3. Avatar bofriend
    bofriend says:

    Thanks, LAXguy, for a first hand account. That last paragraph is most poignant. Probably no one feels worse than Bo if he feels he let even one Peep down. Why speculate about nonfactual things like ticket sales or where the bus is? That only serves to stir up rumors. Would it really be surprising if Bo just has a whopper of a cold since he has shaken thousands of hands lately? I accept the timely explanation at bobice.com, and fully expect a kick-a$$ cd come September, just in time for my birthday.

  4. OMG….that really choked me up. Poor Bo. I love and admire him so much.