And I have loved you wild

I’ve been rummaging around in my pile of oldies but goodies lately, and I came across this great Seven Bridges Road/Midnight Rider duet with Bo and Gary Nichols, plus Tommy Lee on keyboards. The screaming, the harmonies, all that hair – it’s awesome! Hope you enjoy the flashback as much as I do.

4 Responses to And I have loved you wild

  1. Damn, I do miss that beautiful hair, thank’s for the memories, and, oh yeah I’m speaking for all of us, we never get tired of flashbacks, I’m sure of it.

  2. Oh, my, has the time flown. I do miss all those times, I will always miss that hair!

  3. Wow, I came back and watched again, I do miss “wild” Bo. I think that’s what attracted me to him, he just has that natural part of him that is so much southern charm, but, yet “WILD”.

  4. I saw him a couple months ago in Lexington, Michigan and I thought how much his voice had improved over the years. But then I hear these flashbacks and realize he was always that good. Tks for the Memories