Bo Bice at Rock at the Lake

There’s a snippet of Bo doing an acoustic Sweet Home Alabama at the Rock at the Lake event at around two minutes in this video.

OK. Seriously. Is there some sort of Confederacy-era embargo on these still in effect in Mississippi?

11 Responses to Bo Bice at Rock at the Lake

  1. Ha! Sorry – LOVE the hair. Grow it Bo! Down to your ankles!

  2. Avatar BikerChick57
    BikerChick57 says:

    Some of the OTHER guys may need those scissors, but leave Bo alone! Yeah, what lulu1001 says!

  3. Avatar earthdreamer
    earthdreamer says:

    I LOVE Bo’s hair. I don’t think the Confederacy-era embargo is the reason, but if it is, I sure hope it stays in place.

  4. Plus, that shirt is MIGHTY fine!

  5. Embargo, schmargo. Although you did give me a good laugh, ThreeD.

  6. Umm…I think ThreeDimen might be thinking all inclusive – not just Bo. Locks for Love should have been there.

  7. Avatar cdnfanofbo
    cdnfanofbo says:

    I just watched the dvd side of the dual disc again and think that length of Bo’s hair is perfect – he could use a trim (some of those others sure could use a cut, though – lol).

  8. Avatar ThreeDimen
    ThreeDimen says:

    Yes, it was the overwhelming amount of long hair on everyone up on the stage.

  9. Avatar SweetSound
    SweetSound says:

    I’m starting to side with you on this one, ThreeDimen. It’s a groundswell!

  10. Bo looks happy up there, doesn’t he? Hmmm. His hair seemed the loveliest of all. We are lucky. :)

  11. LOL. I knew 3D was referring to the whole kit and caboodle….it’s like being in a 40 year time-warp. Where were YOU all in 1968? (That’s if you even WERE! lol) And notice that Bo looks like the clean-cut boyo here. Sparklingly (is that a word?) well-groomed in comparison to the rest.
    And his grrrrowl. ;-)
    Oh yeah – nice shirt. ;-)