Bo Bice Fans – It’s Decision Time!

Have you ever accidentally come across your Christmas presents in a closet, and been faced with the decision as to whether you should shake them to figure out what they are, or close the door gently and pretend you saw nothing?

I ask because, as the release of Bo’s CD approaches, we will all be faced with a similar decision.

Do you remember the way it used to be – only a few years ago – when the release date for a new CD was sacrosanct? When, until that day, you had NO idea what you were going to get?

As a kid, I used to take the bus from my little English village all the way into town, and buy my CDs at Virgin Records, and then, with no Walkman or iPod, I still couldn’t listen until I got home so I’d rip off the seal and read every word of the liner notes on the 40-minute journey home before finally, mercifully being able to rip off my coat, throw down my bags, put on my headphones and lose myself in the magic surprise of a new album.

But it’s just not that way anymore. Bruce Springsteen’s new album is still 4 weeks away and last week fans found 30-second snippets of every song on a German online record store. Within half an hour, the clips were ripped and shared on every Bruce fansite.

I debated. I really did. For about 10 seconds. And then I listened to them all in quick succession, gobbling them down like a binge-eater stumbling upon a jumbo box of Chips Ahoy.

A few months ago I found Jason Isbell’s as-yet unreleased CD on the Internet for free download three weeks before the CD came out. I tried to resist. But I was too eager to hear the music and I gave in (Don’t yell at me!! I still bought the CD when it came out because I don’t steal music – but I just couldn’t wait that extra 21 days).

And that brings me to Bo’s CD. I love Bruce and Jason, but not in the way I love Bo. This CD feels like the culmination of everything Bo’s fans have waited for since that moment when he first sang Drift Away on Idol and we thought some variant on “Whoa! That guy is GOOD!”

I really want to experience the CD the way I used to. I want to savor the anticipation. I want to imagine myself on that long bus ride into town. But I know that clips – and maybe the whole CD – will appear online before October 23rd. I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist that little ‘listen now’ button on Amazon. And even if I do, will I be able to avoid the discussions of fans who did hit that button? Perhaps this would be a good time for a trip home to England?

I haven’t decided what I’ll do when the inevitable happens and I have the chance to cheat, but I suspect it will be Chips Ahoy all over again.

How about you? What will you do when snippets of each song appear online?

18 Responses to Bo Bice Fans – It’s Decision Time!

  1. Avatar ThreeDimen
    ThreeDimen says:

    Duh. I’ll totally listen. I’ll also be scouring torrent sites soon in hopes of a early leak.

  2. Yep, I have no restraint. I peak at Christmas presents, too. I am totally with 3D and will listen to any snippets we find because I have no doubt we will find them. Isn’t that part of the fun?

  3. Gah! I don’t know! I’m truly torn. With TRT I saved the last 2 tracks for release date so I didn’t hear VoA until December 13th. That was a treat.

  4. Avatar Jennheifer
    Jennheifer says:

    I will download the rip first chance I get. But I’ll dither around while my palms sweat and my heart pounds, even though Bo will never know what I’ve done. I’ll tell myself it isn’t really wrong, because I’ll absolutely be buying the album, but still, I won’t be able to listen to it until I’m the only one home and the shades are drawn. And I won’t be able to look the BFB header in the eyes for days, because I know I’ll see a look of reproach.

  5. That look will be telling you that you are a naughty nasty girl!!

  6. I will try with everything I have to wait until I have the actual cd in hand. I still love the ‘discovering’ aspect of listening to a new cd….every part of it — opening, reading lyrics, thank yous, really listening to each song. I’m like that with every artist and every cd I buy. I really have to think about it when I’m on amazon and can listen to small snippets of songs…I don’t want to ruin the thrill buy hearing just a small part.

  7. If snippets are on Promosquad or Rate The Music, I will have no trouble not listening. Amazon, I will read the track listing hoping that See The Light and Lonely Man made the cut. I will have no choice but to wait for the CD because I am not computer literate enough to figure out how to listen before then.

  8. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist so I’ll probably listen.

  9. The first thrill I’ll experience is actually seeing the CD listed somewhere -anywhere! – as being available on Oct. 23rd. I’ll have to deal with the rest as it comes.

  10. I will listen to anywhere it’s available online because I don’t want to be left behind, knowing I won’t get my cd til probably days or weeks after its release. I’m sure ThreeD will be generous in sharing ;-).

  11. Last week, in connection with a dream that notaries public were organizing a union, I dreamed that I downloaded a torrent. I don’t have torrent software on this computer, so it would involve certain affirmative bad acts.

    I’ve also considered re-upping at Promosquad. I still get RateTheMusic updates and did several polls last night on Hot AC and alternative. Should I sign up for country? That way a whole new genre could receive comments normally reserved for a Fergie “song”.

  12. I will definitly cheat! I am not able to purchase the cd here, so I have someone in the States buying it for me and sending it to me. That takes WAY too long! If anyone can help me cheat when the time comes, please let me know! I’ll go even crazier if I have to wait for my copy to come until I can hear it.

  13. I think I’ll bargain with myself. If given the chance, I will listen to the songs we’ve already heard but will try to keep the new songs a surprise. I will also have to avoid reading people’s reactions because I want to experience this new music for myself.

    However, all this resolve will likely fly out the window the moment the opportunity arises. Kind of like the way we all rushed the stage at Norwalk last summer the instant we got that little ‘come here’ hand gesture from Bo. :)

  14. I am so totally cheating. And the sooner the better.

  15. I’m taking the 5th. Then I totally listening.

  16. Generally, I tend to sample the tracks, but not listen to entire songs. I save that for the actual CD. It’s sort of a semi-cheat! I like the surprise of new songs and enjoy the entire “experience.” But for this one, I don’t know… we’ve waited so long for this. It’s gonna be hard not to devour the tunes whenever they turn up online.

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  18. Have you caved yet, lulu?