Bo Bice to help kick off songwriter’s festival

It looks like we aren’t the only people impressed by Bo’s songwriting these days:

NSAI’s 18th Annual TIN PAN SOUTH SONGWRITERS FESTIVAL will be held MARCH 30th – APRIL 3rd in NASHVILLE. A festival preview party will take place MARCH 9th, from 3:30-5:30p (CT), at THE RUTLEDGE in NASHVILLE.

The preview party will reveal performance schedules, venues and participating writers for this year’s event. In addition, songwriters JONATHAN CAIN, BO BICE, RACHEL THIBODEAU and CHRIS WALLIN will perform at the party.

It sounds like a great event and I bet Bo is honored to be a part of it.

Seventeen years ago, a group of songwriters got together to promote the occupation of songwriting through a music festival that would focus on the people who write the songs. Recognizing Nashville as the new Tin Pan Alley, like the New York scene at the early part of the 20th century, these modern-day troubadours were seeking to bring attention to the new center of song: Music City.
The festival was named Tin Pan South to recognize the past and to celebrate the future.

Tin Pan South is America’s largest music festival dedicated to songs and songwriters.

Produced by the Nashville Songwriters Association International, the festival is a legislative fundraiser in support of NSAI’s efforts in Congress. Each year, in late March/early April, several hundred songwriters perform approximately 100 shows over the course of the week. For five days and nights the festival encompasses Nashville venues, elevating songwriters and the contribution they make to the city and to the world of music. Along with raising money for NSAI’s legislative efforts, Tin Pan South underscores the rich cultural heritage of Tennessee and draws attention to the wide variety of songwriters who live and work here today.

Since he’ll be singing at the preview party, let’s hope Bo will also be performing in one of the regular shows too. Those new songs are gonna knock ’em dead.

Thanks to sjohnston for the link!

7 Responses to Bo Bice to help kick off songwriter’s festival

  1. Bo’s name right beside Jonathan Cain’s sounds good to me.

  2. Avatar BikerChick57
    BikerChick57 says:

    Very cool! What a great opportunity for Bo to get his new music out there amongst the people before his CD release.

  3. I have no doubt Bo and his new songs will knock em dead. Go Bo!

  4. Avatar earthdreamer
    earthdreamer says:

    Seeing Bo being legitimized as a songwriter is so exciting & satisfying. I can only imagine how thrilling it must be for Bo. Shine on Bo!

  5. Hey, I’m really sorry that this is so random, but I’m trying to organize a charity horse show to benefit my teacher’s organization. His son died of cancer when he was seven, and I wanted to do something to help raise money for it.

    I was thinking about asking Bo to sign autographs for it or something, but I have NO idea where to begin or how to ask, or how much the booking fee would be.

    Any suggestions? I’m really sorry to post this so randomly, but I’m just totally lost :(

  6. Avatar Jennheifer
    Jennheifer says:

    You could try contacting Bo’s booking agency at

  7. Okay thanks! How much do you think it would cost to book him for the event? That’s the only thing I’m worried about. I have no way to scramble together a couple thousand dollars very quickly, and the show is set for the spring. But thanks so much! I’ll have to give the website a shot :)