Bo Bice Video to air on Tee-Vee in October

Sources tell us that the video for Bo’s first single, ‘Witness,’ will be shown on CMT and GAC starting some time next month.

(Actually ‘sources’ = dianelev, who contacted one of the extras to get the scoop, so not quite as official as it sounds! The extra had posted on Bo’s MySpace page that she had a good time and couldn’t wait to see the video on TV.)

CMT seems a good move since they actually still play new videos unlike MTV or VH1 (and since it’s hard to imagine ‘Witness’ on TRL!) I guess this is as good a time as any to see if country music fans can handle themselves a little funk!

Thanks MaggieAnne for the heads-up

Update: A wise person reminded me that an extra is just an extra and might not be the ultimate authority. So just take this with however much salt you enjoy with your rumors.

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  1. Cool! I actually enjoy watching Gac and CMT. So I will enjoy it even more now!
    Can I just say …Is it October yet? That Mo. just keeps getting better and better!!!

    Bo on my TV again

  3. Yes! This is what I was hoping for. It just seems like they are more accepting these days than the pop or rock industry. Their fans don’t seem to shun AI singers but accept them readily, Carrie, Bucky, Kellie, Josh. It doesn’t seem to matter as much what you look like, how old you are, how long or short your hair is, fat, thin if they like your music you’re ok. Travis Tritt has a new video for a song, You Never Take Me Dancing, that reminds me a lot of Witness. It has soul, funk and is more Southern rock or Southern soul than typical country so I think Bo will fit in nicely without having to resort to the typical country, heehaw type of sound. But I still hope he shows up at some point on vh1 because I think he fits there too. Yeah Bo I can’t wait to start votin’ for ya all!! Yee Haw!!! Now where did I put my boots and cowboy hat?

  4. I hope you’re right Paulam – I just think all those Idols you mentioned are very different from Bo in that they all play those formulaic country songs with the twang, so they get lots of radio play. ‘Witness’ won’t have a cat in hell’s chance on country radio … but the TV exposure would be great if they embraced the video and played it a lot.

  5. Cat’s have nine lives, so I’m hoping “Witness” does have a chance in hell on country radio. Yay! Bo on CMT!

  6. Bo will win them over with his Southern boy country charm. He will get on one of their teevee shows and start telling them he is just a red neck country boy and they will fall in love. Another thing country seems to really like are songs about faith, God, doing good deeds, etc. So again Witness fits the bill. You got to have a little faith, Lulu. Its all good.

  7. That’s GREAT news! Not too surprising since Bo did that CMT special that was so popular. I don’t usually watch those channels much and usually try to avoid Walmart. So it seems Bo’s goin’ to be changing BOTH my shopping & TV watching habits come October! ;)

  8. I’m sure you’re right about the tee-vee people paulam, and Bruce Springsteen’s video is on CMT while his single is being played on rock and Triple A radio stations – that would be even better because it’s broader exposure.

    Teh Hat would be excellent for appearing on CMT to introduce the video, don’t you think?

    The other good thing about CMT that I forgot to mention is that they have a fabulous website with lots of video content.

  9. Our Bo does have a way to make people fall in love with him so them country folk won’t stand a chance.

    Never thought that I would be watching CMT but anything for Bo.

  10. I can’t wait to see Bo on CMT. Most Country music is far from twang anymore and it’s rare that I watch videos but if I do CMT is where I go, and of course, the music fans put on YouTube. I wish CMT would do a follow up to In The Moment to where Bo is today.

  11. Good exposure *sigh* (oops sorry, got sidetracked) for our Bo! I can’t wait to see this!

    I remember the first time the TRT video debuted, a bunch of us were packed into a hotel room after the Cleveland HOB show watching it on BiceBabe’s PC. That was so much fun.

    This time, though, how thrilling that it will be BO’s song off HIS album. I’m so glad Bo continued to believe in himself, had the confidence (peeps of steel) to make all these wonderful things happen. I just love him to pieces.

  12. I think “Witness” will capture attention because it is unique. The rock/country crossover is becoming more and more common (Bon Jovi come to mind as a recent success!), and it gives Bo a chance to “be himself” and show the world the quality artist we all know him to be!

    By the way, suedel, the words “exposure” and “Bo” are extremely combustible when used in the same sentence. We’e all lucky to still be able to focus!

  13. Oh I’m always such a naysayer, but Bon Jovi really hasn’t been very successful in crossing-over.

    They did have one country radio hit, but that was when they recorded a country style song and added the twangy girl singer and some slide guitar.

    The Memories song made it to about #40 (which is very few actual spins) and then disappeared.

    Even the Eagles – best-selling country rock band of ALL time! – are struggling on country radio because its so very rigid in its format. Look at the country radio Top 30 and, besides the Eagles, I bet there isn’t one twang-free song.

  14. According to the CMT newsletter,
    CMT and iTunes deliver a multi-format world premiere as CMT devotes six straight hours to airing Carrie Underwood’s “So Small” on Thursday (Sept. 20) from 6 a.m. until noon, ET/PT.

    Maybe they will do the same for Bo.

  15. I think Teh Hat would be perfect for a CMT interview. I saw that they have a series of concert specials (made by CMT) called the Riverfront Series or something. They are done from the river front in Nashsville I guess. Anyway Bucky was on one week and Josh was on another week. Bucky did some stuff that was more Southern rock than country and was actually good. Though I liked him on AI I never felt he had a great voice or presence. He has either improved or my hearing is going. Anyway, I would love to see Bo get involved in these kinds of things. They do this stuff on these stations all the time; they really support their artists. The BonJovi video for Want to Make a Memory was in the top ten, maybe top five on their top 20 countdowns. I know that’s different than radio, but it did get lots of play on tv. And it was no where near a country song. It wasn’t even rock, maybe some type of pop. Bo’s song, while not country, is closer to it than anything BonJovi puts out. I am extremely excited because a good video could certainly help his sales. And the bonus is I get to see Bo on my teevee!

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