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Bo’s been very busy doing the press rounds for his new album, and there’ll be even more interviews next week, when he’s in LA to watch the AI finale and catch up with old friends. They do get repetitive – can anyone even guess how many times over the last 5 years that Bo’s been asked what Simon’s really like? Still, there have been a few lately that have let Bo really open up about his life and his music, and they’re worth reading.

Bo told the Huffington Post why 3 is so diverse –

There’s never one day that we sat down and we said, “Okay, let’s try and write something. We’re going to get it on rock radio or country radio.” For me, I think, it’s just where the music’s going. When you have all these different pieces of what Bo Bice is, I think it makes it a lot more intense for the listener. It’s like giving them a concept album without there being a concept.

In this one with American Idol Net, Bo talks about the inspiration behind some of his songs.

Ash: On your album you have song called “Different Shades of Blue” and it seems to me to be about overcoming challenges and so many people can relate to that. Was that what you were thinking about when writing the song?

BB: Oh very much so. Number one I wrote that song with Greg Barnhill, he’s a friend of mine and an incredible writer and I don’t know how I got hooked up writing with Greg Barnhill, he’s just incredible and has had so many hits and so many people have sung songs of his. To be quite candid there’s people who do know I struggled with drugs and alcohol when I was a younger guy. Really that’s how a lot of us songwriters do, we delve into ourselves and into the things that made us who we are and a lot of the time it’s tragedy that’s made you who you are because you learn from those style of things.

So for me it just kind of paints that picture you know the brokenness of a man sitting in the glare of the neon smoke in a bar with that neon sign shining down. It’s just from the first verse to the second verse, my inspiration on the second verse might have been different from Greg’s but my inspiration was when my Grandmother passed away, talking about the “cold dark pewter of the casket rail, there’s not too much these eyes ain’t seen between the yellow and the green.” That’s very much digging in to the heart of what’s made me who I am and like I said, I can’t take credit for all the song but I’m throwing out what MY inspiration was and my side of how things arrived for the song. But I think that’s probably the best way to sum it up just picking little pieces of moments in my life and it’s very therapeutic to be able to look back and to delve into those things that were times you hurt. You know relationships or like I said, struggling with dependency or struggling with family passing. These are ways that you can reach in and you pull that out of your soul and it’s almost like you’ve made the amends to yourself and in some ways I think we also help people who might struggle with those kinds of situations and that’s what music does.

Here, Bo tells The Boot how he keeps his career and family in perspective –

You’ve said that losing to Carrie Underwood on ‘Idol’ actually worked in your favor. How so?

Nobody’s ever laying on their death bed going, “Man I wish I would’ve worked one more day” or “I wish I would have gone to school one more day.” They look at their kids and they look at their family, and for me that’s what’s driving me. I wouldn’t relive a single day of my life. I think that the Lord’s put me exactly where He wants me to be. I’m just grateful that I got to see my dreams and hers come true, too, because Carrie’s a close friend and I love her. So I got the best of both worlds in this situation, because I got to see her succeed and I got to see success for myself, so I don’t need really a whole bunch of accolades to surround myself with to know that I’m a good man and that I love music and my fans. So for me that’s the accolades. Whenever I walk in that door from a hard day of work or being on the road, I’ve got three beautiful sons and wife that come running into my arms. That’s the kind of goal that you just can’t melt down and make into a trophy.

What’s your favorite part about being a dad?

To be honest with you, my wife is the best part of being a dad. I’m in awe of her strength and her dedication to our family every day. It’s hard enough just living in the business and being a part of this business. My rules I try to live by: you never miss a birthday or an anniversary, you always make sure that they know that you love them, and you never read your own press. I try to stick to those and I’ve done pretty good so far. I haven’t missed any major holidays or birthdays. I think the best part of being a dad is wrapped up in just being a family man and being a husband and kind of knowing my place. She wears the pants, I just buy ’em.

Bo’s never been a shrinking violet, but he seems to be more talkative and open these days than ever before. Maybe it’s the haircut?

7 Responses to Bo knows Bo

  1. Avatar BikerChick57
    BikerChick57 says:

    Bo’s voice is not the only reason why I’m still here as a fan. It’s also Bo, the person, the loving husband, father and friend. That really honest and humble guy who’s very talented and warms my heart every time I read one of his interviews. <3<3<3

  2. Avatar earthdreamer
    earthdreamer says:

    Bo in his inimitable fashion, fields every question with honesty & presence. When he’s honestly answering a question in the moment seems he uses it to unpeel the layers & learn something…..that can only happen when you’re being real. As he said, he “…doesn’t need accolades to know he’s a good man”. A rarity indeed!

  3. I love hearing Bo’s “take” on things. And he’s always so gracious and understanding at the repetitive questions, he gets that he will probably hear them time and again. And I know that he remembers when he didn’t have interviews and people wanting to talk to him and now appreciates every single one.

  4. Avatar Barefoot60
    Barefoot60 says:

    Wow, thanks for posting those. Some, okay…a LOT, of things just made me go “awww, how sweet”! He sure has a way with words. Love you, Bo!

  5. Avatar sissie!
    sissie! says:

    When’s the video coming??? I want a video! ASAP!!!

  6. Avatar kathyp16
    kathyp16 says:

    I really don’t like the fact he doesn’t set out to write a song so it get’s played on radio. Why wouldn’t you want your music to be heard? That’s 1 thing that has always ate at me. What I would like and what Bo likes are 2 different things. If he’s happy and happy where he is I guess its all good. I would just love to put a radio on and hear him.I would love to see him in a count down.

  7. Avatar rainbow
    rainbow says:

    I gotta agree with everything you just wrote kathyp16.