Bo on Idol tonight

If you listened really closely to American Idol tonight, you heard something pretty damn great. Check out this clip from 00:35 – 1:00:

Matthew, CJ, Caleb & Tyler – Group Round… by IdolxMuzic

Recognize that song? Yep, It’s Bo’s Get on and Ride! AI has a pretty ruthless habit of ignoring even their best contestants if they don’t have major post-show success, so it’s just delightful to see that the people behind the scenes still appreciate his talents.

Published by Jennheifer on February 6th, 2014 tagged Bo Bice

4 Responses to “Bo on Idol tonight”

  1. earthdreamer Says:

    Not only was it awesome, but it was the intro to the guy who brought the mic stand out. You’re right somebody behind the scenes was paying attention & knows that Bo is the master of the mic! Great tribute to the mic master!

  2. Believe Says:

    What fun! I hardly ever watch AI anymore at least not until the end. Thanks Jenn for making us aware. We still, in my family, feel that Bo should have won. It’s been a great ride following his career. Nice that AI acknowledged his music.

  3. Venice Says:

    I stopped watching as of last year. Couldn’t take it anymore. But just that one little sound of Bo has made me want to watch it again. Oh, the memories. Still so vivid. He should have won.

  4. u2vixen Says:

    Missing Bo. My fave among the batch is Caleb for obvious reasons.

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