Bo’s Bug

Bo Bice’s management has clarified his situation in a post at He has the flu, and after having it checked out at an LA hospital, has headed back to Nashville to recuperate and prepare for recording sessions next week.

It comes as no surprise that Bo feels wretched about missing shows and upsetting his fans. I feel wretched knowing how disappointed he must feel. But there’s an old saying, ‘Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.’ Bo made the mistake of not putting his health first last year. I’m very glad he’s not getting fooled again this time.

Get well, Bo. Soon.

17 Responses to Bo’s Bug

  1. Get well Bo!

    I hope I never write that again.

  2. Bo is “strong like bull” but unfortunately the flu even knocks bulls on their asses. Really, no bull. I saw some bulls on their asses the other day. They were all congested, running fevers, feeling like crap, the whole shebang. It wasn’t pretty.

    Feel better, Bo. Love ya.

  3. Avatar lulu1001
    lulu1001 says:

    Don’t let the bastards get you down, Bo.

    Is that true about the bulls suedel … or are you just making that up to make us feel better? BAD SUEDEL!

  4. Avatar chefgirl
    chefgirl says:

    “Take it eeeaaasy, take it ee-eeaasay”…We just sang those words with you in Poughkeepsie, Bo. Southern rocker, heal thyself!

    We love you, Bo and will be right here waiting for you!

  5. Nope look Suedels right


  6. Avatar u2vixen
    u2vixen says:

    I too wish I won’t be writing a get well message to Bo for the next 12 months at least but… I’m not sure how Bo prepares for this before he tours. While I’m pretty sure he got clearance from his doctors to do this before he started, maybe a flu shot should have been added in that to do/must do list.

    Wish you well Bo. Take your sweet time resting and preparing for your kickass cd.

  7. Avatar standbybo
    standbybo says:

    I’m just glad that he is being smart and not stubborn about this latest health issue.

    Get better, Bo!

  8. Avatar BikerChick57
    BikerChick57 says:

    I thank God it’s only the flu. And I thank Bo for knowing enough to go home this time and recuperate.

  9. Suedel, I love you! ROFLMAO!!! Get well soon ~Handsome~

  10. Is it safe to take my head out my ass now? It’s positively just the flu? Praise be to all that’s good and holy.

    We love you every day, Bo. Get your sweet ass well.

  11. Avatar kathyp64
    kathyp64 says:

    When Bo did that early morning news spot he didn’t look sick. The flu came on like that ( snap fingers ).

  12. Avatar lulu1001
    lulu1001 says:

    I disagree kathyp64 – my first thought when I saw him was that he had a cold because his nose was red- he was wearing studio make-up, but you could see it through the make-up. Also he sounded and looked low-energy and congested. He also told people in Yuma he was getting a cold a few days earlier.

  13. kathyp64, that’s what happened to me when I got the flu last year. I was perfectly fine that morning but by that evening I was sick as a dog. It came on that fast, without warning. (snap fingers). Damn flu!

  14. Avatar kathyp64
    kathyp64 says:

    I was wrong. Went back and watched it again. Bo, I’m sorry looks and sounds like shit.

  15. Avatar lulu1001
    lulu1001 says:

    Hee. I thought he looked pretty cute actually :) But yes, sick as a dog.

  16. In the extended video that includes Bo talking about his new tattoo,there is a clip of Bo before the interview began. He does not look good and shoots a look with his eyes that seems to say, hope I make it through this interview. Of course it was easy to make these observations after it was announced he was sick.

  17. I saw a couple of pictures just before Bo left N.Y. and I talked to a friend about his eyes being without the usual sparkle as if he didn’t feel quite like our Bo. When I saw the T.V. interview it was easy (for me, guess I was looking for it) to see that he was sick. His nose was red and voice was raspy not sexy. I am surprised he had the strength to do the show he did. I am so glad he was smart enough to take care of this before it got worse. Many prayers for our Bo. Hope you are better real soon. You know we are looking forward to that new CD you have promised us. Peace and love. wilda>>one more thing, that is one Heck of a bus!!!!!!