Bo’s Music


1996 Exgratia (Purge)

2000 Recipe for Flavor (Bo Bice and Sugar Money)

2004 The Oneness Project

2005 The Real Thing

2007 See the Light

2010 3

2011 I Love The Road

2013 New Soul Revival

Tracks and Singles

1997 Promised Land, Black Label

2005 I Don’t Wanna Be, American Idol Season 4 Showstoppers

2005 When You Tell Me That You Love Me / He Ain’t Heavy / Everything Is Beautiful, American Idol Finalists (Season 4) Red Cross Charity Relief Single

2005 Inside Your Heaven / Vehicle

2005 Whole Lotta Love / Saturday Night Special, Galactic Live at Bonnaroo 2005

2005 Brown Skin Girl, All That I Am (Santana)

2006 Time Has Come Today

2007 Blades of Glory, Blades of Glory (soundtrack)

2009 Old Spanish Trail, Noble Things (soundtrack)

Unreleased Tracks & Unofficial Releases

In addition to the works listed above, there are dozens of unreleased Bo Bice tracks floating around, not the least of which is the collection of abbreviated covers Bo performed on American Idol. eBay is currently doing a brisk trade in homemade CDs and DVDs of these performances and audio and video downloads are widely available on the internet of not only the Idol material, but live concert footage, television appearances and a handful of unreleased tracks.

The most notable unlicensed release to date has been Journey and Dreams of New Hope, which came out in June of 2005 and includes all of Bo’s AI performances in addition to the three Oneness Project Bo compositions (Changing for the Better, Sinner in a Sin and In the Name of Love) as well as the new Mr. East with a spoken introduction by Bo and a remix of Drift Away (In Memory of Dan). The CD was released by Bo’s church, the New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church, to raise funds for their mission clinic in Guatemala.