Promised Land

Bo Bice appears at the beginning of one of the tracks, “Promised Land,” from the debut album of Huntsville-area Black Label. Black Label consisted of David McCullough (lead vocals), Craig Smoot (guitar, vocals), Tim Humilcek (drums, vocals) and Brad Long (bass, vocals).

In an e-mail exchange with Bona Fide Bice moderator LiveMusic1st, Smoot claimed that, when the band decided they wanted Bo’s bluesy vocal on this tune, they all went out to a bar, then went into the studio where Bo laid down that track at the first go, making the whole thing up as he went along. It was totally of the moment and off the cuff, impressing the boys from Black Label greatly.

We cannot find this track for sale any longer, but chat up a hardcore Bo fan, and you just might be able to get an MP3.

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