Brown Skin Girl

Living legend Carlos Santana made his debut in the late ’60s, changing the sound of rock as we know it with his unique Latin-infused sound. An extremely talented guitarist, he is known mostly as the leader of the band that bears his name. In June of 1999, after a nearly five-year hiatus from recording, Santana released the first of what would become a trend for him: an album with lots of collaborations with younger artists who would add something new and different to his work. Supernatural was a smash hit and earned him eight Grammy Awards as well as a legion of new fans who suddenly became aware of a talent they had previously perhaps only heard in passing.

His 2005 release, All That I Am, includes talents like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Michelle Branch and Bo Bice. Uncle Kracker was originally tapped for the song “Brown Skin Girl,” but was replaced by Bo just before the album was finalized. If you’ve ever heard Uncle Kracker’s version, you’ll know why (and appreciate Bo’s so much more.)

Track List
1. “Hermes”
2. “Fuego”
3. “I’m Feeling You” (featuring Michelle Branch)
4. “My Man” (featuring Big Boi)
5. “Just Feel Better” (featuring Steven Tyler)
6. “I Am Somebody”
7. “Con”
8. “Twisted” (featuring Anthony Hamilton)
9. “Trinity” (featuring Kirk Hammett)
10. “Cry Baby Cry” (featuring Joss Stone)
11. “Brown Skin Girl” (featuring Bo Bice)
12. “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love”
13. “Da Tu Amor”

Album Cover


In 2010, Bo and Jamie Houston, the writer of Brown Skin Girl, bumped into one another at the Tin Pan South festival in Nashville. They decided on the spur of the moment to perform the song. Both had a little trouble remembering the lyrics, but they enjoyed themselves anyway.

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