I Love The Road

In mid-2008, Bo announced that he planned to release a live cd, recorded during his See The Light tour. The live album would be called I Love the Road, and include not just STL songs but also Papion, American Blood, In A Dream, and I Love The Road. The album would be bundled with a DVD showing a year in Bo’s life on and offstage, and an EP of new original songs, to be called 3.

Fans at Bo’s concerts out west that summer saw Ryan Smith (Bo’s friend and the director of his The Real Thing video) and another cameraman filming several shows. The show audio was also recorded at most, if not all, stops on the tour.

The project was shelved in 2009, when Bo hooked up with Saguaro Road Records and went to work expanding 3 into a full-fledged album. I Love The Road is now scheduled for release as a Bobice.com exclusive on November 1, 2011.

Cover Art

Track List

1. Ain’t Got Money
2. Can’t take the Country Out of Me
3. I’m Gone
4. American Blood
5. See the Light
6. I Love the Road
7. Papillion
8. Ain’t Gonna Die
9. Witness
10. Whiskey, Women and Time
11. In a Dream


In early 2009, Bobice.com posted a teaser video which combined DVD footage with clips of original songs from 3.

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