The Oneness Project

Note: Although this CD was recorded with Bo’s permission, Bo Bice is currently pursuing legal action against the producers of this CD, over their possibly fradulent claims that all sales proceeds are donated to charity. Bo has suggested that his fans avoid The Oneness Project until this issue is resolved.

The Oneness Project is currently out of print and extremely rare, although copies occasionally turn up on eBay and can go for hundreds of dollars. “Changing for the Better,” “Sinner in a Sin” and “In the Name of Love” were written by Bo Bice.

Track List

“Down by the Riverside”
“Changing for the Better”
“Sinner in a Sin”
“Tell ‘Em All”
“In the Name of Love”
“Stand Up in His Glory”
“More Love”


One Response to The Oneness Project

  1. So, I have 2 unopened Oneness Project CD’s. I remember someone coming in to the office of a ministry I worked at many years ago. We were told the artist on the cd would be on Idol soon and that if we would sell these cd’s they’d give us a cut of the profits and their part would go to charity. HA! We knew it was a scam. They left a few cd’s with us anyway. So, that leads to my question. Anyone want them? I’d glad sell them. I’d rather do that than trash ’em.