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  • Better late then never

    Wonderful forum member jgccole has just reminded me that somehow I forgot our birthday last week – BFB is now 6 years old. Our first blog posts back in August of 2005 covered Bo’s broken foot, excitedly speculated on his upcoming album, and sighed over his lovely, lovely ass. The more things change….

    As a forum, we’ve had our challenges – Bo’s had quite a rollercoaster ride since Idol, and us over-the-top, nuttier than squirrel shit fans have gone flying up and down right along with him. We all have our own ideas about what Bo should do with his music, his career, his life, and his hair, and we don’t always agree (/vast understatement). But we’re still here somehow, still rooting for Bo, still laughing and crying and yelling and making friends.

    Somehow this song seems appropriate –

    Just like little children fight
    This side’s yours and that side’s mine
    Nothing more but in between
    Broken hearts and shattered dreams
    We don’t all live the same lives, but we all sleep under the same skies
    Now a change is gonna come, I can feel it in the wind today

    It’s a long, long road back from nowhere
    We fight like hell sometimes, other days we don’t care
    It’s a long, long road back from nowhere
    A change is gonna come, I can feel it in the wind today

    Everybody thinks they see, what is wrong with you and me
    When we finally understand, not one man has got the plan
    We don’t all live the same lives, but we all sleep under the same skies
    Now a change is gonna come, I can feel it in the wind today

    It’s a long, long road back from nowhere
    We fight like hell sometimes, other days we don’t care
    It’s a long, long road back from nowhere
    A change is gonna come, I can feel it in the wind today

    Asking every child, woman, and man
    To join me here in the promised land

    It’s a long, long road back from nowhere
    We fight like hell sometimes, other days we don’t care
    It’s a long, long road back from nowhere
    A change is gonna come, I can feel it in the wind today

    Many happy returns to us!

  • 2009 – it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

    It’s time to make a year-end post, but I’m not sure what to make of 2009. It’s been a year, that’s for sure. These are some of the things that I remember most…

    Early this year, Bo announced his New Year’s resolution:

    to let things go a little bit more, because I’m a real high strung; I’m a perfectionist.

    Okay then. I haven’t seen much letting go, but there’s always 2010, Bo.

    In February and March, Bo took his annual acoustic tour of the northeast (with a brief swing into the midwest – must have been a wrong turn). Bo and Bart Walker put on great shows in all sorts of venues and all kinds of weather. By turns intimate/rowdy/poignant/giddy, the shows were fabulous and frequently sold out. We heard some terrific new songs for the first time…
    Good Hearted Woman, Annapolis

    revisted some old favorites…

    Only Words, Vienna

    … and we began to get very excited for the live album/ep/dvd – any time now!
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  • Happy Birthday to us!

    Bona Fide Bice is 4 years old today.

    It’s been quite a trip. Just like Bo, we’ve had good times and bad, made a lot of friends and lost a few too, and can count the years by both our scars and our laugh lines. Bo brought us here, but it’s all of you who keep us going. You’ve kept commenting, questioning, and complaining, kept sending us pictures, videos, links, rumors, and gossip. You’ve shared your worries and joys, your stories and your lives with us. You’ve made us better (and you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

    Here’s to BFB, and here’s to you. Have some cake.

  • 2008: Another Year Over

    In Bo’s fabulous new blog at bobice.com (if you haven’t read it check it out NOW), he reflected on his busy year. That got me thinking about our year here at BFB. So take a walk with me back through the blog archives.

    In January, Bo put some of his guitars up for sale on eBay to raise money for charity and the lovely jgccole97 decided to buy one of them and donate it to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame on behalf of all Bo’s fans. She had this plaque made and made arrangements to get the guitar to the Hall of Fame via a middle man. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned, so just last month, our own MaggieAnne rode to the rescue and got the guitar and plaque to the HOF where it now sits in its rightful place.

    Also in January, we began to speculate that Bo might be invited back to perform on Idol based on new stories and rumors. Of course, we know how that turned out.

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  • Our M&Ms Went to 11!

    Thanks to the magical powers of our very own Mod, Chief Elf, BFB delivered a welcome basket to Bo’s new manager yesterday. The basket contained champagne, glasses, CBGBs chocolates, a framed photo of Bo’s AHOF guitar with its accompanying plaque, and some special Bo Bice M&Ms.

    Today, sjohnston found a photo on Flickr that proves the basket arrived safely.

    Click here to see the photo.

    I love it!

    (For the eyesight-challenged, the M&Ms say ‘Bo Bice’ and ‘He goes to 11!’)

  • Thanks to all of you!

    Thanksgiving isn’t the happiest of occasions for me as a Brit – after all, this is the beginning of the end for us. One minute you were striking out for foreign shores and before we knew it, you were tossing tea into the water and refusing to pay your taxes. (Pffft!)

    But even so, I do think you came up with a pretty cool holiday. The idea of gathering with family and friends and just taking a moment to be thankful is not too shabby.

    And in that spirit, I would like to thank every single one of you for visiting and reading and commenting on our blogs and for participating in our forum.

    We have tens of thousands of visitors every month, from every part of this country and from many other countries too and that just blows my tiny mind!

    We started this site with the vague idea that we could make a home for some of Bo’s diverse fans – especially those who didn’t feel at home on other sites. We didn’t know if anyone would come and yet you all did. And between us, we help support Bo and each other. You have all made this a fun, interesting, sometimes controversial, always interesting place to be.

    For that I am truly thankful. May you all have the best of everything this holiday. (And don’t forget to vote!)

  • The Forum is Back, Baby!

    Phew! After sweating over code most of the night and all morning, I have resolved our forum issues.

    OK, I didn’t sweat and I don’t know code. But you must admit it sounded good. I don’t know why it’s back but for now it is. Maybe you could all offer up some kind of sacrifice (perhaps one of your children?) to keep it working. Much appreciated!

  • Maybe I’m the One Who Needs to Lie Down

    Hi, I’m Lulu1001 and I’m an idiot. It seems the countdown clock wasn’t the one with the problem (see post below). I was.

    Once the clock came round from its Xanax-induced stupor, it pointed out that it reads the date from each visitor’s computer – since the date on my PC was incorrectly set at September 27th, the clock reported how much time remained between September 27th and October 23rd. Therefore, while I saw 26 days, the rest of you saw 56.

    Needless to say the clock is annoyed at it’s enforced absence and has demanded to be paid full wages for the day. I had no choice but to agree. We are still in negotiations over its other demands, which include a corner office and it’s own ficus plant.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go lie down.

  • The Missing Countdown Clock

    Regular readers will know we usually have a clock counting down the days until Bo’s second CD is released. Regular readers will also notice that it’s not there today.

    Some will go into a tailspin, certain that we have the inside scoop on a CD delay. Some will take to drink. Others may abuse prescription drugs. To those people I say “STEP AWAY FROM THE BOTTLE! NOW!”

    There is no delay. For some reason (perhaps over-excitement?) our countdown clock got ahead of itself and started claiming there were only 26 days to Bo’s CD release. I have had a word, and administered a couple of Xanax, and the clock is now lying down with a cold towel on its forehead.

    I hope it will be back to normal shortly.

  • Southern Rock & College Radio

    As many of you know, forum member lynne has been organizing a project to send copies of Bo’s CD to college radio stations. Even if Bo’s team plan to also target these stations, we figure it can’t hurt and can only help.

    We are currently researching the stations that play southern rock, alt-country or country rock, and at last count I think lynne was up to 142 stations across the country.

    Interestingly enough, one of our target stations – WEGL 91.1 FM at Auburn – is currently running a poll asking listeners about their musical preferences. You can see the poll on their home page.

    To date, “Southern Rock/Classic Rock” is the #2 choice behind “Indie Rock” with 28.1% of the vote. Hip Hop/ R&B is 3rd with 14%.

    So whoever has been assigned Auburn, I think you have your opening line!