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  • Like you have something better to do

    Hey peeps, it’s time to get buzzed on chocolate eggs and marshmallows and get busy. Ryan Seacrest, who will own us all before too long, is running another silly clickbait contest on his website, this time to pick the “Favorite American Idol Contestant of All-Time.” Of All-Time! That’s got to be Bo Bice, America.

    Don’t let the sun go down before you get on over there and vote! Often.

  • Becky Jo

    I am saddened to report that BFB has lost beloved member Becky Jo Berlin (Bophanattic).

    I met Becky late one night back in 2006, in a Denny’s full of giddy fans clustered around her camera’s view screen oohing and aahing over her wonderful concert shots. If you’ve been following this blog at all since then, you’ve seen her pictures and videos too. Becky Jo adored Bo and always managed to capture a pose or a mood that the rest us of missed. Even as her health failed, she never asked for pity, only bootlegs.

    She had a wicked sense of fun and the kind of laugh that made people turn around and smile right back at her. I quickly learned never to get between Becky and the stage, but also to head straight for her if I needed a hand, a hug, or a smile. Becky was a hoot, and she made every show and chat thread a party.

    Becky, this video is for you, in memory of that first concert. A soft summer night with your favorite singer and favorite song. Surrounded by friends, dancing, laughing, shouting out “I love you!” and “Nice ass!” We had ourselves some times, didn’t we? I thank you.

    From everyone at BFB, deepest sympathies to Becky Jo’s children, family, and friends. We will remember her with love.

  • Video weekend rescheduled

    Bo’s rescheduled his big video weekend and rolled it up with the annual peeps Christmas party. You can still go full VIP and spend the whole weekend eating, drinking, and sleeping with Bo. You can even get your face right up into the grill of his music video. But if you just want to slip on a reindeer sweatshirt and enjoy a couple of casual concerts and a Bo hug, there’s now a package for you, too. Check out all the details over at Bobice.com.

  • With two cats in the yard

    Bobice.com members got an unexpected email yesterday…

    Spend Valentine’s Day Weekend With Bo

    Bo would like to extend a special invitation to you, to join him at his home for a Valentine’s Day dinner, on Saturday February, 11. Bo and Caroline will host 20 guests for a special Valentine’s dinner. Along with a delicious homemade meal, each guest will receive a box of chocolates, a rose, and a group photo with Bo.[…] Tickets for this once in a life time event are available to Bo Bice Fan Club members for $250 per person.

    That’s not an invitation anyone ever expected Bo to make – he’s always asked fans to leave his home alone – so of course the forums are buzzing with excitement and speculation. I can’t explain it or afford it and I’m not sure what to make of it. But I can pretty much guarantee that it will be a hoot. Bo’s known for his warmth and hospitality, and he does love his peeps. Plus you know there’s bound to be singing.

  • The next best thing

    Can’t make it to Nashville next month to party like a peep? No need to weep and pace the floor waiting for bootlegs – we can watch Bo’s fan club Christmas party as it happens on Stageit.

    Bo Bice Christmas Party – Streaming Live
    Dec 10, 11:00 AM PST 30 Min Show Price: 50 Notes

    Hey Peeps,

    We are bringing Bo’s Christmas Party to you LIVE from one of Nashville’s premiere music venues – The Listening Room. If you would like to have the souvenir Christmas ornament sent to you simply tip 100 notes throughout the show. Supplies are limited to the first 50. Thank you to Stage-It and The Listening Room for hosting the show. Enjoy the show on Stage-It and stay tuned for future broadcasts!

    Just go on over, sign up, and “tip” 50 notes – that means pay $5 – and you’ll be all set.

    What a great idea! Thanks, Bo (and Sharon)!

  • Bo to chat

    Bo was planning to throw an online birthday bash/album release party when I Love The Road was released last week, but he had to postpone it for unspecified reasons. The good news is we won’t have to wait long!

    Join Bo for a live online chat & performance on Thursday November 10 at 7pm. If you purchased an “I Love The Road” package, a ticket was included with your purchase. Login details will be sent early next week.

    A few things. By “ticket” they don’t mean a physical ticket. By “early next week” they probably mean between now and this Thursday. And 7pm likely means central time. Eh, details. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. This is the first good look we’ll have of Bo since he got sick and cancelled October. I think we’ll all feel much better when we can see and hear for ourselves that he’s back on his feet.

    By the way, if you haven’t gotten ILTR yet, you are really missing out. There’s a documentary, 2 music videos, 10 live tracks, a studio recording of In A Dream, and a bunch of sweet pictures of Bo (with lots of brooding!). It really is good stuff.

  • Happy Hour with Bo Bice

    This just in from Bobice.com

    Join Bo on Tuesday, March 8th at 6pm Central for a live performance of “Shades of Blue” at www.justintv.com/BoBice! He’ll also be giving away a custom guitar to the winner of the “Shades of Blue” video contest & will do an interactive Q&A session.

    Grab your favorite “happy hour” beverage and tune in–it could be you that wins this beautiful custom guitar!

    Nice! Bo’s last live broadcast was a great treat – I can’t wait to have another.