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  • Tommy in 2016

    Peep favorite and keyboard master Thomas Lee is making music and blogs again. Despite being a full 50% of the duo Kaity and The Flood, Tommy still has time to show love to his old bandmates:

      Thomas here… we got to meet up with Bo Bice last night. Yes, THE Bo Bice. The guy from American Idol. The guy that changed the face of the show. He’s the one responsible for blowing the doors open for rockers to appear on those types of programs.

      I had the opportunity to tour with Bo for years after he finished AI, playing keyboards and guitar. We did so many shows all over the country, and I was lucky to perform live on shows such as Regis & Kelly, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel. Bo and I have remained good friends, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see Bo perform again.

      Before the show, Bo sat down with us for a while, telling everyone some hilarious stories about the time with me on the road. It was fun reliving some of those moments… like the time we all got locked out of the bus and had to push Bo through the small driver side window. We all thought he would get stuck, but he somehow managed to wriggle through and save the day.

      What a show! Bo has been touring with Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and WOW his voice sounds incredible. I was stunned. I sat back in my chair and said, “Wow,” a few times. The look on Kaity’s face told me that she agreed.

    Bo’s right, Tommy, you should run for president. This can be your campaign song.

  • Nobody ever quits this band

    Longtime Bo fans remember and adore Thomas Lee, Bo’s onetime keyboard player, cowriter, and partner in crime. Tommy left the band several years ago for life in the real world, but every now and then he pops up for a song or two when Bo’s in California. It happened again last night in San Juan Capistrano, and I just have to post the video for all the peeps who miss Tommy, his dry wit, and sweet music as much as I do.

    Keep up with Tommy and all the latest Chuck Norris jokes on his website, The Frontloader.

  • Keep On Rollin’

    Keep On Rollin’ may have been the biggest surprise on 3 for me. We’d only heard it once before the album came out, and I wasn’t impressed at all. I am now though – it’s one of those songs that simply feels good every time. I challenge anyone to hear it live and not bounce. Can’t be done.

    We haven’t managed to get a really good bootleg of Keep On Rollin’ yet, but this one from Bo’s fanclub party at the CMA Fest isn’t bad.

    Bo wrote the song with Todd Cerney and Buffy Lawson. Buffy seems to be just as delightful as the music. She was excited before 3 came out –

    I co-wrote opening song on record…KEEP ON ROLLIN…wish us luck!!!

    She was excited when 3 dropped –

    Bo Bice CD released today!!! Gonna go buy me a new pair of shoes & treat myself to Red Lobster. hee hee

    She was excited when the song was played abroad –

    This song wasn’t slated to be a single in the states but apparently has taken on a life of it’s own in Europe, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be considered for a single here in the states! YEEEHAAAA! I’m a very happy little proud camper. YOU ROCK BO!

    She’s still excited

    I just recently started with Bo and he is getting ready to put out a new album here before long. I have always believed in him as a singer. I followed him on American Idol and thought that he just kinda takes you back to the real “Southern Rock” that I miss musically. I think that he is one of those kinds that are just solid singers and very authentic. We’ve written a couple songs that I really love and he is a fabulous writer. He’s a funny and hilarious guy. He is so much fun to hang out with. I’m really excited to watch and see what happens next in his career and hopefully to be a part of it somehow. He’s a top-notch guy…he’s great.

    I think I know where the bounce in Keep On Rollin’ comes from. And I want to hear those other songs they wrote together!

  • Mystery of the Missing Keyboardist – solved

    Bo’s show at the Arkansas State Fair last night gave fans their first chance to hear his new band members, drummer Austin Curcuruto and keyboard player Peter Tolstoy Swadley. The first recaps are in and the reviews are good. Welcome guys, and apologies for the invasion of glittery kittens and Bo Bice avatars that is about to hit your myspace pages.

    I can’t let this post go by without also saying once again good-bye and good luck to Jon and Tommy. We’ll miss your sound.

  • Au Revoir, Thomas Lee

    Last night, Bo announced that Thomas would be leaving his band, at least for now. Some fans had figured that would happen, as its been clear from Tommy’s blogs about going back to school that he was looking for a new direction. Some fans didn’t see it coming. But whether you were expecting it or not, I know we all feel sad about the news.

    I remember first hearing Thomas on bad recordings of Bayfest and the Katrina benefit right after the end of Idol. He stood out and I kept asking ‘did anyone get the name of the keyboard player? He sounds like Roy Bittan‘). Of course, we soon came to know his name.

    As music director, Thomas must surely deserve some of the credit for the fabulous performances we all saw on the summer tour. As a songwriter, he co-wrote two wonderful songs on Bo’s last album (See the Light and This Train). As a keyboard player, he brought all the songs alive. And as a blogger, he has entertained us all with funny stories and Sherman anecdotes. (Wait … could Sherman have anything to do with this??)

    On top of all that, he’s a good guy who’s been unfailingly polite and kind to Bo’s fans.

    I looked around on youtube for videos that would make a nice tribute to Thomas. This little clip from Exit-In is fun

    And here’s video of Bo and Thomas performing This Train on Bo’s last acoustic tour.

    My favorite musical memory of Thomas is seeing his face at the Ridgefield show this year when the audience ran down to the front of the theater during This Train. Thomas just broke out into this huge, happy grin and I know he was feeling proud of his song at that moment.

    My favorite personal memory is from Troy, New York. Most of you who know I’m not one for hanging out trying to talk to the band, but Thomas had started to read and comment on my MySpace blog and just before that show, I blogged about going. He told me I had better say hello at the show. I felt sure I wouldn’t do it, but on my way into the venue, i passed the tour bus and Thomas jumped out just as I got close. So I nervously went over and said ‘hi’ feeling like a complete idiot for interrupting him. He was busy rummaging for luggage, and it was almost show time, but he didn’t make me feel at all like the rude person I was for bothering him. Instead, he broke into this big-assed smile, gave me a huge bear hug and asked if the cold I had mentioned in my blog was any better.

    Thomas, you are a sweet guy and we will miss you and your tour photos and your ‘swarm of bees’ keys.

    How about you guys? What’s your favorite memory of Thomas’s time with Bo? Tell us in the comments.

  • Good strings, bad lighting

    It may be a long time before we get any coherent recaps from tonight’s show in River Falls. So far all anyone has managed to gasp out is “Teh Hat…leather jacket… Hot! Hot! Hot!”

    So in the meantime, enjoy a couple of videos put up by D’Addario strings. In this interview, Bo talks about his background and songwriting. Over here, Luis Espaillat (he rocks!) dishes on his mad love for the bass and how he got hooked up into Bo’s band.

  • Bice collaborator wins Grammy

    Congratulations to Chris Tompkins and his co-writer Josh Kear on their Country Song of the Year Grammy win for Before He Cheats!

    Chris is an old friend of Bo’s and the two of them wrote I’m Gone, which is on Bo’s album See The Light, and American Blood, which I suspect has been getting a lot of applause in Afghanistan and Kuwait this week.

    Here’s Bo and Chris performing American Blood at the Exit/In in Nashville in February, 2007.

    And I’m Gone that same evening.

  • Bo’s Making New Friends

    I was doing some searching on MySpace today looking for information on the BB Kings clubs, but MySpace’s search facility sucks, so I didn’t find what I was looking for.

    I did stumble across this great singer-songwriter whose page popped up because he plays in the house band at BB Kings in Nashville.

    What’s interesting is that both Bo and Thomas are in his top friends, and Luis is with them in his list of newly added friends.

    No idea what it means but there’s obviously some connection there. Support act for the tour? New guitarist? Just some guy who happens to know Tommy, Bo and Luis? No idea!