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  • You just never know with Bo

    So is Bo just normal sick or sick intestinal issues sick? AI forum poster Sara reported back from last night’s concert:

    Next, came a long break [after Gary played] aproximately 35 minutes until Bo took the stage. He was wearing a brown shirt, blue jeans, brown hat with his hair all neatly groomed. He looked very handsome but looked very pale like he didn’t feel well? He opened up with a new song from his new CD which is supposed to be out in the fall. ” I’m Gone” Great song! The second song was “American Blood” and he sounded nothing short of “Awesome”. Then he sang “Don’t Mess Around With Jim” by Jim Croche [sic] as you all know one of his favorite artists of all time! The next song “Witness” was also a new song but was cut short as he walked accross the stage to the back room looking like he was going to faint. OMG my heart dropped and the entire venue was standing there with nobody on stage at all with a worried look on there faces? It was awful, you had to be there to experience these fans who love him to pieces watching him almost faint before there very eyes…..

    Ok next I talked to one of the security guards there up in front where I was standing and she said they are calling in a nurse for Bo and he is backstage light headed and feeling week [sic] and laying down. Believe me I started praying right there and then that he was going to be ok and if not then to go ahead and cancel the rest of the concert and go rest, but no not Bo! After aproximately 30 minutes he comes back on stage with Gary Nichols and plays two more songs “Lonely Man” and closed the show with “Sweet Home Alabama” Everyone was singing along in the venue and he I must say is a trooper and very dedicated to his fans. Not sure how he managed to gain his strength back to go back on that stage tonight but by the grace of God he was given the courage and the strength to finish tonight!

    Maybe he does just have the stomach flu. Of course it’s also possible he’s having an intestinal flare-up of some sort. Whatever it is, his fans all send him get well soon wishes.

    Thanks to trickortreat for the tip.

  • Well, shit oh dear…

    …To quote my mother-in-law.

    This message is appearing at BoBice.com regarding tonight’s and Thursday’s meet and greets:


    Good grief.

    ETA: You know, I think next time they should just put up a message that says,**REGRETFULLY, TONIGHT’S MEET AND GREET HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO BO THINKING YOU’RE ALL NUTTIER THAN SQUIRREL SHIT AND CAN’T STAND THE SIGHT OF ANY MORE FANS.** I’d actually prefer a divo over this.

  • Bo Bice is Back, America!

    Holy shit I’ve been worried. Bo has been gone a whole week with no word. No matter how hard I tried to be positive, I kept having visions of him lying in bed all hooked up to tubes, holding Caroline’s hand, and whispering “tell my peeps I loved them.”

    But no! Bo was back on his website today, posting messages to fans. Get on over there and check out the ‘Messages to Bo’ thread to see his posts. And if you’re not yet a member, you know what to do.

  • Little Bit of News

    I love MySpace. Take this for what it’s worth, because I don’t want to be accused of rumor-mongering or being a vulture ;-)

    Bo’s cousin has been posting blogs and bulletins on MySpace and today she said this:

    I spoke with Granny Madge on the phone this morning, and I have a little bit of good news–BO WANTS TO EAT!!! Hahaha…Granny Madge said that Bo’s condition is still stable, and that they are going to try to let him eat some liquid foods today. Man I bet he’s looking forward to that Jell-O LOL. Granny Madge says, “I want to say thanks to all the fans for your thoughts and prayers, and would like to ask you all to please keep praying for Bo!” So please keep praying for Bo and requesting prayer for him in your churches.

    It would be nice if someone would update us officially, but since this is all we can get, we’ll take it.

  • No News

    I usually blog news, but I know people check in here to see what’s up with Bo, so even though I don’t have any news, I thought I’d just post this to say, well, no news. You know what they say about that.

    In the meantime, here’s some video of lovely, sweet Bo when he was feeling much better. Thanks to whoever took this great footage of acoustic Whiskey, Women and Time. (Let me know, would you so I can credit you?)

    ETA: Apparently credit for this video goes to the lovely and talented sdstns.

  • It’s Official Now

    BoBice.com has just announced the remainder of Bo’s tour has been cancelled. Which is as it should be.

    But just for a moment, let’s take a look at what might have been:

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Ever since I saw Bo cover that Gavin DeGraw song on Idol, I vowed that I was going to see that guy perform live. That microphone stand move did me in. I dutifully bought tickets to the Pop Tart tour, and was pretty crushed when Bo’s illness forced the cancellation of his Seattle stop. I waited and watched him tour after his CD release…southeast…northeast…SoCal. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    I had essentially given up ever seeing him play, and then one beautiful shining day not too long ago, my inner EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! was found and Bo booked a show in Washington State. It was a very doable drive, and I was on that phone in a New York minute to the venue getting details (which of course they didn’t have.) I bought tickets the day they went on sale, made carpool arrangements, and booked a hotel room.


    So sad for me. More sad for Bo.

    Thanks to jgccole97 for the heads-up.