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  • He’s their guy

    This has to be heard to be believed. (NSFW)
    Bo Bice by TheBiceBoys

    What the? Hahahaha! I don’t who The Bice Boys are beyond the obvious – a couple of wise asses with time on their hands. But it’s awesomely odd and I love it! Beats the hell out of Pickin’ on Bo Bice, that’s for sure. Warning – one listen and this’ll be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

    Bo Bice Bo Bice Bo Bice Bo Bice Bo Bice Bo Bice Bo Bice Bo Bice
    Harold Elwin Bice, you may know him as Bo
    That American Idol boy who shoulda won in season 4
    When you see me ridin with my 3 dog swag
    You best believe Bice be playing, please don’t nag

  • Even Cosmo thinks the lyrics were dirty

    Remember when we first heard Inside Your Heaven? Remember how we all laughed ourselves silly and then got banned from forums for making wisecracks about “…take me to the place you cry from…?” Well, Cosmopolitan remembers that, too. This is a page from their February issue –

    Putting the O in Idol. Granted, it must be a thrill to be on American Idol, but these past contestants seems a little, um, overexcited on stage.

    Bo Bice. What the shaggy haired crooner might look like if he were “Inside Your Heaven.”

    I never thought I’d see Bo in Cosmo. I kinda hope I never do again.

  • How Will We Pass the Time?

    So Bo is off now until October 11th getting some well-deserved R&R and I know we are all pleased for him but where does that leave us? We’ve become so spoiled with a gig almost every night and lots of magazine interviews, TV appearances, recaps and videos.

    Now suddenly it’s all quiet and already the rumblings have started on the various fan sites. (“I’m bored!” “Do you think Bo will blog soon?” “I wonder what he’s doing” etc. etc.)

    Well, when you start to feel sorry for yourself, just spare a thought for we poor bloggers! How are we to fill the Internets until sjohnston’s next discovery? Last time things went quiet, we had Leslie’s puppies to write about. This time … nada!

    Except wait … I found a new toy! I can make polls!

    So I want to know … how do you plan to spend the next month? (And don’t just back out of here without voting. It’s your duty!)

  • Bo is Driving me NUTS!

    No, nuttier than normal! Really!

    I know everyone here is probably like me – busy with lots of stuff. Right now my life is insane. I have SO much going on and Bo is NOT making it any easier!

    He’s on the radio – have to catch that and record it and if I don’t have a chance to record it, I have to find out who did, and download it, but before I have a chance to do that he’s on again the next day – TWICE! And then just as I’m about to settle down and listen to the interview, someone uploads their videos from the Georgia show and oh my – someone got “Witness” – have to download that and then convert it for my iPod, but before I get the conversion done someone uploaded “Got Money” and apparently it’s a must see, so I really need to go download that … but wait! Bo’s video is on Yahoo so I must watch that but just as I’m watching that, someone says that we can buy “American Blood” on Napster – EEEEEEEEE!!!! – so I go do that (which takes almost a whole day) and now someone else has added new videos from Georgia and just as I’m starting to download them, bobice.com adds a news flash about embedding a new music store thingie on our blog, which apparently will help Bo sell his songs so I have to figure that out … oh wait! The “American Blood”video from Georgia has finished converting, so now I need to upload it to my iPod Touch …

    Man Alive! I picked a bad day to give up speed.

  • Will Bo Dress the Part?

    I’ve been thinking that Bo must have been pretty busy these last few months, what with all the stuff that must have been involved in starting his own independent record label, and I’m a little worried that he might not have given much thought to his wardrobe.

    The ripped jeans and t-shirts and flip-flops are cool for performing, but what will Bo wear when he needs to switch from Rock!Star! to Label Exec? What outfits will put him in the mood for settling down for a fun evening with Promosquad research results?

    I’m just not seeing him in the traditional suit and tie, and the whole Casual Friday polo-shirt-and-khakis don’t seem right either.

    Luckily for Bo, I’ve been doing some research and I’ve found a way that he can adopt the very best of record label executive fashions – the Clive Davis tie and pocket square combo – while also adding a little of his own hippie chic.

    Unfortunately, choice #1 doesn’t come with a matching pocket square, although I figure with some creative tailoring, one of his minions could come up with something, but I did find a rather nice collection of Enrico Cappuci ties + coordinating pocket squares – I could see Bo in this combo or maybe this one.

    I’m not sure I’ve nailed it though. I think Record Label Bo needs a look that says “don’t mess with me because I have a Mediabase audience impressions report and I’m NOT afraid to use it!!” Can you come up with something better?

  • Farewell John Beard

    Leslie’s puppies are starting to leave home now. You might remember that the first batch were named after Sugarmoney and this latest litter were named after Bo and the people who worked on his second CD.

    Today, John Beard headed off for his new home in New Jersey. He was my favorite – look at this face!

    Safe travels little guy! Say hi to Bruce for me.