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  • Rally Idol

    For some time now, Bo’s been working with the Rally Foundation, a charity dedicated to raising money for research into childhood cancer. Next month, he’ll be appearing as a judge for Rally Idol:

    Five kids. Four American Idols. One amazing experience! Your $10 donation/vote at RallyIdol.org/vote will help fund childhood cancer research for better treatment procedures, and, ultimately, cures.

    In American Idol fashion, five kids fighting childhood cancer take The Buckhead Theatre stage. They’ll perform with the band before a live audience, and a panel of judges who know music… Our judge/encouragers are Bo Bice, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, and Anthony Fedorov–former American Idol finalists who believe in this cause.

    You can join them at the live concert on Friday, March 21, at 6:00 p.m. or you can join them online by voting to donate $10, $100 or more for childhood cancer research.

    I’m not familiar with the Rally Foundation, but the cause is more than worthy, so check it out and help if you can.

  • Music City USA trailer

    We heard early in the year that Bo had been interviewed for a documentary about the Nashville floods. Somewhere along the line, the film shifted into “a behind the scenes look at the people that make Nashville tick. Discover the artists, entertainers and musicians that put the MUSIC in MUSIC CITY.” Watch the trailer here – you’ll see a couple of familiar faces at 1:52 (don’t blink!).

  • Bo to host Christmas show

    Bo will be working the other side of the mic next month –

    The Salvation Army and The Nashville Choir have partnered together to bring “Nashville Glee for Angel Tree,” a musical performance presented by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Frist Jr., to the Grand Ole Opry House on Oct. 21.

    Hosted by: American Idol’s Bo Bice

    This lively show will feature:

    Centennial High School
    Donelson Christian Academy
    Hillsboro High School
    Independence High School
    Pearl Cohn High School

    The night will consist of these amazing high school choral groups engaging the audience with exceptional vocals, dance and digitized stage sets; helping to raise awareness for the Angel Tree Program, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this season.

    Tickets are on sale now!

    General admission: $25
    Limited Premium Seating: $30

    Bo should be the perfect host for this – not only is he relaxed and good-natured on stage, he’s a total goober for Christmas music.

  • Make ’em laugh

    This morning Bo shouted that he was in a studio filming something with country music group Lonestar, but he didn’t give any details. This afternoon, the production studio let the cat half out of the bag:

    NorthStar Studios ?@NorthStarStudio
    Had country music entertainers Keith Anderson, Bo Bice, & Lonestar in studio today filming the pilot episode of a new country comedy series!

    Whoa – I didn’t expect that. Can’t wait for more details. From the photo Bo posted of the filming, it doesn’t look like a sitcom sort of thing. Maybe just some good old boys sitting around telling stories and singing now and then? GAC and especially CMT are both showing less videos and more reality/redneck/rural programming, so there is a market out there.

    Good luck having the show picked up, Bo! We’d love to see you smiling on teevee again.

    UPDATE: The show is called Honky Tonk Central. Here’s the description (before a slight name change)…

    There is a new voice in television sketch comedy and it has a distinct southern accent. Honky Tonk Row: Live is getting set for production and casting will be happening soon to find the next rising stars in the world of comedy performance.

    Honky Tonk Row:Live is a reboot of the classic sketch series Hee Haw which entertained fans across the country for 23 knee slapping seasons. The producers are aiming to bring the same down home comedy that gave Hee Haw it’s now legendary status in the annuls of comedy to the modern world of country for fans of all ages to enjoy. This will be live variety show featuring the top musical acts, comedians and up and coming talent in the world of country. This southern fried Saturday Night Live is sure to have millions of fans in hysterics every week.

    It sounds like Bo is probably a musical guest.

    Fiji House Productions, the production company, has pictures of the set on its facebook page.

    Here’s Bo, Lonestar, and Keith Anderson on the set today. (click to enlarge)

    Keith Anderson ?@KAcom
    Just finished taping a FUNNY scene in the pilot of Lonestar’s new sketch comedy variety show!!

  • You can own the clothes he’s wearing

    Every now and then Bo decides to clean out his closet and hold a little auction. A few days ago he put his jersey from this year’s Reckless Kelly Baseball Jam up on ebay. The peeps have been bidding with vigor, but it can still be yours if you’ve got just one more silver dollar.

    Although it doesn’t say so in this listing, Bo’s always donated his auction proceeds to charity – Wounded Warriors, a friend’s medical fund, his church.

  • Thumbs up

    Get your twitter fingers limbered up – Bo’s going to be taking your questions this week.

    Tweet With Your Favorite Alumni
    In honor of this week’s finale, we’re holding Twitter Q&A sessions with some of your favorite alumni from past seasons! For 30 minute sessions, ask the alumni anything you want – from their finale and tour experience with Idol to what they’re currently up to and everything in between.

    Use #IdolAlumniLive for each tweet. If your question is for a specific alum, be sure to mention their name!

    Monday, May 21
    3pm ET/12pm PT: Didi Benami – @Didibenami
    4pm ET/1pm PT: Naima Adedapo – @Naima_Adedapo
    5pm ET/2pm PT: Kimberley Locke – @KimberleyLocke
    6pm ET/3pm PT: Anthony Fedorov – @anthonyfedorov
    7pm ET/4pm PT: Mikalah Gordon – @MikalahGordon

    Tuesday, May 22
    2pm ET/11am PT: LaKisha Jones – @LaKishaJones
    3pm ET/12pm PT: Matt Giraud – @ImMattGiraud
    4pm ET/1pm PT: Karen Rodriguez – @KRodriguezAI10
    5pm ET/2pm PT: Brandon Rogers – @brandonrogersLA
    6pm ET/3pm PT: Taylor Hicks – @TaylorRHicks
    7pm ET/4pm PT: Blake Lewis – @BlakeLewis

    Wednesday, May 23
    3pm ET/12pm PT: Bo Bice – @OfficialBoBice
    4pm ET/1pm PT: David Hernandez – @DHernandezMusic

    Thursday, May 31 (post finale)
    3pm ET/12pm PT: Anwar Robinson – @ANWARrobinson

    No need to wait! Start submitting your questions now on Twitter using #IdolAlumniLive.

    Fun! Bo’s a little twitter shy, so be gentle, peeps. But let’s see if we can’t get some real news out of him. Please, I’m begging you, ask him about his music and his next album, not whether Simon was mean!

  • Bo talks to Billboard

    There’s a nice little interview with Bo in Billboard today:

    Also close to his heart is one of the places he calls home — Nashville. He has long been a fan of the creative community here. “They call it Music City for a reason,” he says. ‘Nashville is known for more than country music. Throughout the years, I think that shines through so much more with bands like Kings Of Leon, as well as the different hip-hop artists that have come here to start making music. So, to be in the middle of that growth on a yearly basis helps you keep your chops up, and ahead of the curve. It’s an important part of my music, but also my life. My wife and kids have been here. Lately, we’ve been splitting our time between here and Atlanta. My family is from there, and we found a little spot on the lake near them, so I do my music here, and my business. Then I go live on the lake and fish in Georgia. I get the best of both worlds.”

    When asked about his current musical projects, Bice told Billboard “I’m still busy with music. I’ve been painting, and selling my art work. I think one of the coolest things is that I’ve been working on my ministry more, working on a Christian EP that I’m about to put out on my record label.”

    Bice admitted that he had to get his priorities in line. “I’ve been sober since October of last year. I took a retreat and got my head together. I quit drinking so much because it kind of got the best of me. Since then, I’ve really been focused on family, my ministry, and what the Lord has for me next.”

    He says some have been surprised about the his musical direction. He says it’s nothing new. “People will say ‘So, you’re going to do some Christian work, huh?” and I say, ‘I’ve been doing Christian work since ‘Idol.’ If you look at the stuff I was doing right after, on ‘Real Thing,’ one of the songs I did was called ‘Valley Of Angels.’ – a very Spiritual based song. On my follow-up CD ‘See The Light,’ the single was ‘Witness,’ which was very Spiritual based music. This is just another dimension into that. I’m really trying to bring that Black Crowes / Lenny Kravitz feel to Contemporary Christian, and I’m not trying to thump people with the Bible. I’m just to spread the word about what has helped me through life,” he says.

    It’s nice to hear some answers to to the questions we’ve been asking about Bo’s life and music. He makes it all seem pretty straightforward, doesn’t he?

  • Bo spills a few beans

    Check out this brief interview with Bo before the Autism Sings Benefit – he’s on at 3:55.

    An interesting mention of the Demented Cycles show – is it still on after all? – and I think this is Bo’s first public confirmation that he’s been working on a Christian music project. But that hair, that still needs a little more explanation.

  • Sweating it out

    Bo’s still out of sight, but that’s not stopping us peeps from digging up news on our own. Our sleuths have managed to track down a few things:

    Surprisingly, Bo will not be appearing at Tin Pan South this year. Instead he’ll be in Phoenix, playing a corporate event with fellow idol alums Jacob Lusk and Jacee Badeaux.

    Bo will be having a fan club party during CMA Fest, this time in combination with several other artists:

    Fri – June 8th Fan Clubhouse Party – Bo Bice, Bryan White, One Night Rodeo, Sarah Marince. Tickets coming soon!

    Bo’s going international, as part of a Country Festival in Cancun.


    The Paintin’ The Town Tour with Darryl Worley and David Lee Murphy is running into the fall.

    September 21, 2012
    Rowdy Ridge Music Fest
    Paintin’ The Town Tour | 8:00 PM
    Sturgis, KY 42459

    September 22, 2012
    Thrasher-Horne Performing Arts
    Paintin’ The Town Tour | 7:30 PM
    Thrasher-Horne Performing Arts
    Orange Park, FL

    That Demented Cycles tv show that Bo’s been filming is looking very unlikely now. The motorcycle company announced on Monday that they are dropping plans to expand into new markets and going back to their ‘core concepts.’ This comes just a week after cancellation of the Demented Fest concert in Texas, where Bo was scheduled to perform.