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Rally Idol

For some time now, Bo’s been working with the Rally Foundation, a charity dedicated to raising money for research into childhood cancer. Next month, he’ll be appearing as a judge for Rally Idol: Five kids. Four American Idols. One amazing experience! Your $10 donation/vote at will help fund childhood cancer research for better treatment […]

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Music City USA trailer

We heard early in the year that Bo had been interviewed for a documentary about the Nashville floods. Somewhere along the line, the film shifted into “a behind the scenes look at the people that make Nashville tick. Discover the artists, entertainers and musicians that put the MUSIC in MUSIC CITY.” Watch the trailer here […]

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Bo to host Christmas show

Bo will be working the other side of the mic next month – The Salvation Army and The Nashville Choir have partnered together to bring “Nashville Glee for Angel Tree,” a musical performance presented by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Frist Jr., to the Grand Ole Opry House on Oct. 21. Hosted by: American Idol’s […]

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He’s ready for his close-up

Here are a few shots on of Bo and Lonestar on the set of Honky Tonk Live. (click to enlarge) We still don’t know if Bo’s intended to be a series regular or a guest, but either way it looks like Teh Hair will give a standout performance.

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Make ’em laugh

This morning Bo shouted that he was in a studio filming something with country music group Lonestar, but he didn’t give any details. This afternoon, the production studio let the cat half out of the bag: NorthStar Studios ?@NorthStarStudio Had country music entertainers Keith Anderson, Bo Bice, & Lonestar in studio today filming the pilot […]

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You can own the clothes he’s wearing

Every now and then Bo decides to clean out his closet and hold a little auction. A few days ago he put his jersey from this year’s Reckless Kelly Baseball Jam up on ebay. The peeps have been bidding with vigor, but it can still be yours if you’ve got just one more silver dollar. […]

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Thumbs up

Get your twitter fingers limbered up – Bo’s going to be taking your questions this week. Tweet With Your Favorite Alumni In honor of this week’s finale, we’re holding Twitter Q&A sessions with some of your favorite alumni from past seasons! For 30 minute sessions, ask the alumni anything you want – from their finale […]

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Bo talks to Billboard

There’s a nice little interview with Bo in Billboard today: Also close to his heart is one of the places he calls home — Nashville. He has long been a fan of the creative community here. “They call it Music City for a reason,” he says. ‘Nashville is known for more than country music. Throughout […]

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Bo spills a few beans

Check out this brief interview with Bo before the Autism Sings Benefit – he’s on at 3:55. An interesting mention of the Demented Cycles show – is it still on after all? – and I think this is Bo’s first public confirmation that he’s been working on a Christian music project. But that hair, that […]

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Sweating it out

Bo’s still out of sight, but that’s not stopping us peeps from digging up news on our own. Our sleuths have managed to track down a few things: Surprisingly, Bo will not be appearing at Tin Pan South this year. Instead he’ll be in Phoenix, playing a corporate event with fellow idol alums Jacob Lusk […]

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