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  • Room with a view

    Last month Bo got the helicopter ride of his life during his Armed Forces Entertainment visit to Afghanistan.

    Looks like fun! (Though I think I’d need more than one strap – do they let you duct tape yourself to the ramp, I wonder?)

    Stars For Stripes has a ton of photos posted here if you want to see more. Thanks to sjohnston (as always!) for turning these up.

  • Safe travels

    Bo’s off to the Middle East for a week-long tour with Armed Forces Entertainment. He’s been eager to get back to the troops the last few years, so it’s no surprise a flight attendant caught him with a big smile:

    Had Bo Bice, the 2005 American Idol runner up to Carrie Underwood and his band on my flight tonight to Kuwait. They’re continuing on to Afghanistan to play for the troops. Didn’t recognize him without the long hair! Fun guys.

    We know you’ll show ’em a good time, Bo and band. Safe travels.

  • Tonight we are young, so let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter, than the sun

    Several of Bo’s old friends and bandmates must be feeling nostalgic, because a bunch of fun photos have popped up in his Facebook photostream over the last few months. Most date back to his Purge and SugarMoney days. You remember, the bands that “your mamma warned you about. What am I talking about? That knock em up, slap ya in the face, dance your pants off kind of a band! To say the least, this is a band that you just can’t afford to miss. This hard hitting, powerful mixture of blues, funk, soul and rock will turn your soul upside down and make you love it. I mean when this band takes the stage they really take charge they don’t just muse your ears they fill every groove-hole that a true live-music lover could ever dig.”

    “So hang on to your panties girls cause we are coming and it will be soon!!”

    Well now. I’m sorry I missed that, because I have a feeling that teenage Bo must have been quite an experience. Luckily some things never change, like live music, unbuttoned shirts, and groove-holes.

  • In the spotlight

    Bo and Blood, Sweat and Tears added a full orchestra to their holiday concert in West Virginia last night. We didn’t get to listen in this time, but it sure looks like Bo enjoyed being center stage again.

    There’s a nice little run of shows in the northeast over the coming week. Go see them if you can, and be sure to come back and tell us all about it. Preferably with video!

  • Baby it’s the guitar man

    Bo has gotten a nice acknowledgement from Baden Guitars:

    Hey Baden Community! We are very proud to announce the first Artist in our monthly featured artist series. Click on the link to see some photos of him playing some Baden Guitars and performing for the troops! You all should also go check out some of his music!

    Baden Monthly Featured Artist Series: August, Bo Bice!

    I’ve been playing Baden guitars since 2008. My Baden’s have traveled from Guantanamo Bay Cuba to Iraq & Afghanistan with me. Some people don’t leave home without their “AMEX”. I don’t leave home without my Baden’s.

    In 2010 my maple a-style was that had been signed from troops all over the world was auctioned off to raise money for our Wounded Warriors. It raise over $15K for the charity & let the men & women of our armed services know how much Bo Bice & Baden Guitars appreciate what they do for us.
    God Bless America!

    Congrats, Bo!

  • Idol goes better with Bice

    It felt like old times the last few days, hanging online with the peeps, scanning the Idol coverage for glimpses of Bo. We weren’t disappointed either…

    On final 2 performance night, he generated a sweet autograph line inside the theater –

    He looked handsome and oh so right back on the red carpet –

    He even got a nice camera pan during the broadcast –

    Just as much fun – watching all the excited tweets come in when even non-peeps spotted him in the crowd. Idol’s musical director sums it all up –

    Michael Orland ?@MichaelOrland

    Love Bo Bice – one of the nicest and most loved people. And talent to match. Loved by all.