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  • New Soul Revival remixed and expanded

    Bo’s just released a new version of his gospel album New Soul Revival on Bobice.com. Bo describes New Soul Revival Revived as having an “ALL NEW MIX AND MASTERING WITH BONUS TRACKS “I’M NOT BROKEN” AND “GLORY HALLELUJAH” feat. WILLIAM LEE GOLDEN.”

    The new single was recorded for but not really heard on the tv show It Takes A Church.

    I’m going to hold off buying the album until there are some song clips, but fortunately the new track I’m Not Broken is up for preview and purchase on both Amazon and itunes. It’s a gentle, hopeful little tune, with very country instrumentation. Bo sounds quite lovely on it. What do you think peeps? Excited to have a bit of new music??

  • They’ll make beautiful music together

    Look who’s going to be working with Bo tomorrow!

    Jim Peterik’s Official Page

    Need to chill and get psyched for the week to come in Nashville. Monday writing with my pal Bo Bice for the new BS&T cd. He is the new lead singer. Good move Bo and BS&T! If you woulda told me this would someday happen when I was 18 watching them at the Kinetic Playground I woulda said “Shut the door! No way”. Of course I was channeling their singer David Clayton Thomas when I recorded Vehicle in 1970. What a crazy world! If you hang on tight you’ll see it full circle.

    Wonderful news – Jim knows how to write great songs for big bands. I bet they come up with a barnburner. And we know that everytime those two get together, they rock…

    Here they are meeting for the first time at Tin Pan South in 2010.

    The two of them singing the hell out of Vehicle at a music camp for high school kids.

    Getting down (and up) with Witness.

    Have fun, boys!

  • A song for who?

    There was an interesting exchange on twitter last night between Bo and Larry Gatlin –

    Listening to “Broken Lady” what an awesome song @LarryGatlin Can I recut this sonic treasure?

    @OfficialBoBice ABSOLUTELY..THX. On stage in 20 min…will get with ya later tonight…I’m honored young man.

    I wonder what Bo has in mind for the song? He’s talked about writing for a new project over the winter, and also about working on a new Blood, Sweat and Tears album, but we don’t know if these are the same thing or not. Broken Lady, which won the Grammy for Best Country song in 1976, is a pop country tune that doesn’t sound suited for BST. But I also have trouble hearing it as a solo vehicle for Bo, since so much of its charm relies on close 3-part harmony.

    What do you think – Bo, BST, or something completely different?

  • Bo on Kickstarter

    Bo’s kickstarter campaign has just gone live!

    I’m mixing passions. Music, art & photography. The songs reflect the moments captured on film & canvas. A book of original Art plus CD.

    It’s me! It’s me! It’s old Bo B.!!!

    Hello there my kickstarter companians, I hope your all doing well.

    If you had a chance to look at my video you already know that my love for art goes far beyond just writing songs and singing. I also love to paint, sculpt & take pictures. What better way to paint a picture with a song, than to really paint a picture with a song! I’ve picked some of my favorite original pieces of photography/paintings to showcase in a art book, then I am recording a CD of original songs inspired by those pieces of art.

    If this sounds like a big undertaking…IT IS!!

    So I need you to make it happen.

    I’ve offered Reward levels from $5-$10K. There is something for everyone. This is your chance to be a part of creating a project. You’ll be able to share in the passion of music & art with me.

    I’m on my own indie lable “SUGARMONEY”, so there’s no wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings to dillute the waters of inspiration. It’s all you & me folks! the lunitics have control of the asylum.


    If you dig what you see in the video join me in getting the word out about my kickstarter campaign. We’re taking back creativity one click @ a time.


    Kickstarter is a way for creative people to pull a community together to fund projects. An artist posts a project and a funding goal, and people pledge their support. If the goal is met in time, the magic happens. If not, the backers aren’t charged.

    Bo’s not fooling around here – he’s going to make an art book and a cd, and he needs $35,000 to do it. But I do dig what I saw in the video, and I love the idea of cutting out The Man and doing it for yourself. I’m in!

  • Christmas in April

    I don’t know about you, but I got ridiculously excited when I saw what Bo’s got planned for tomorrow’s stageit show:

    Apr 18 – 06:00 PM

    A blues Christmas album? OMGWTFWOWBBQ!!1!!!111! I die!

    Let’s remember what even a barely post-surgical, snot-stuffed Bo can do with a bluesy Christmas song…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Merry Christmas Baby makes the it on there. I’d also love to hear Bo’s dirty sexy take on the classic Santa Claus is Back in Town

    Or his plaintive wail on Please Come Home For Christmas.

    How about you – what Christmas songs do you long to hear from Bo?

  • New Soul Revival available now

    Bo’s latest album is now up for pre-orders at Bobice.com!

    Limited 1000 hand signed copies of the new BO BICE CD New Soul Revival. NSR is a mix of gospel hymns & new original songs with Bo’s Americana seasoning.

    10 songs of family, fellowship & faith. It’s a toe tapping, hand clapping journey down an old southern dirt road to a revival tent.

    Order your copy now!! Limited Pressing.

    Track Listing:

    1. Ain’t No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down)
    2. Glory Hallelujah
    3. Hard Times Come Again No More
    4. I Had an Enemy
    5. I’ll Fly Away
    6. I’ve Got the Key to the Kingdom
    7. People Get Ready
    8. Snow White Dove
    9. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
    10. Wrapped in His Embrace

    You’d have a hard time finding anyone less interested in religious music than me, but I’ve been hearing Bo sing most of these in his stageit shows, and I’ve been loving them. The rhythms and shades in his voice are tailor-made for bluesy gospel songs like these.

    Hear for yourself – join Bo tonight for his online cd listening party.

  • EPK?

    Interesting tweet from Bo this morning:

    Bo Bice ?@OfficialBoBice

    Shooting EPK for new project today. Showcasing my art, music & faith. Busy day!!

    An EPK is an electronic press kit – musicians often put them together when they’ve got an album coming out. RCA produced one for The Real Thing, but I don’t believe See The Light or 3 had them. Bo did put together a fun little teaser video for I Love The Road, which kept us going for years while we waited. So the best guess is that ‘new project’ is Bo’s upcoming southern gospel/CCM album(s), though I’m not sure how his art fits into that. I hope he makes it available to the peeps, too, because we’d also love to know what he’s got planned.

  • People get ready, there’s a cd coming

    Bo just slipped the release date of his gospel cd into an idol blog he did for Parade Magazine —

    Bo Bice, who we first fell in love with during season 4 of American Idol, has a new single “Glory Hallelujah” from his upcoming Sugar Money Records release “New Soul Revival Vol. 1” (pick it up starting April 1 on bobice.com!).

    New music at last! Gospel music is so not my gendre, but it sure does suit Bo, so I’ll be at the front of the line to hear it.

    Volume 1?

  • Very Merry Christmas, Part Deux

    Average’s Joe’s Muddy Christmas album is now up for purchase! I was a bit disappointed when we found out that Bo’s track on the cd is Very Merry Christmas, which all good peeps already own. It’s a fun song, but I wanted something new. Still, it’s great for Bo to get his song on an album, and it sure fits better with the project than something soft and spare like last winter’s Silent Holy Night.

    Of course I just bought it again anyway. After careful study (I listened to each version once) I’m happy to report that this latest cut is well worth another 99 cents. I think Bo’s vocal is the same as the original, but the instrumentation sounds a little different – oddly enough for a country album, the rock vibe is cranked up more than it was before. Both the intro and the ending have been trimmed – that cute “Merry Christmas everybody!” from Aidan didn’t make the cut (it’s a tough business, kid). The sound is really crisp and clean, and stays that way even turned way up (perfect for listening while 4-wheeling through the snow).

    I don’t know if the album is going to be out in stores, but you can get digital and physical versions from Amazon, itunes, and Average Joes.