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  • Mercy

    Bo’s winding down his touring for the year, which means we’re mostly going to have to get by on rumors and speculation for the next few months. I’ll start with this one: is BS&T going to include a cover of Mercy on the new album?

    The song was a big hit for Duffy back in 2008, and since then it’s been covered by a lot of bands, as well as become a bit of a TV show darling. Still, it doesn’t feel overdone, and BS&T crowds have been loving hearing the band tear it up all year. After the show up above, BFB member ncbice posted:

    Oh I have to agree that MERCY gets to me every time. I think they plan on putting it on the CD. At both shows last weekend he said that they were planning on a CD in 2015 and that they would like to try out some new songs then he would go right into Mercy.

    What do you think, peeps, good choice for the album or not?

  • Bo, Blood, Sweat, and Tears

    The peeps were excited back in July when Bo announced he’d be playing a few shows with Blood, Sweat, and Tears. They were over the moon when they heard how fantastic he sounded with the band. And then they started to wonder when Bo was added to more and more shows, and when all mention of current vocalist David Aldo disappeared from BST’s website. Was Bo going to become a regular member rather than a guest star?

    This new language on the band’s home page seems to say yes:

    A twenty-first century version of one of the music world’s most popular bands.

    It’s been more than four decades since drummer/producer Bobby Colomby and friends assembled the first group to successfully blend rock and jazz into a genre-crossing sound and style. So successfully, in fact, that the band’s second album, Blood, Sweat & Tears, topped the Billboard charts, beat out the Beatles Abbey Road for Grammy Album of the Year, and produced three major hit singles “You Made me so Very Happy,” “Spinning Wheel,” “And When I Die.”

    Over the next four decades, Colomby, who owns the B, S & T franchise, kept the band in the public eye via a succession of players.

    “The obligation of a band,” he says, “is to be entertaining, and be mindful that the audience is there to hear your hits. And for many years, the Blood, Sweat & Tears brand has provided enjoyable evenings. We were trying to make sure that people walked out of our concerts feeling they’d just heard a great show. And the feedback we’ve gotten confirmed that’s been the case.”

    But Colomby is looking for much more as he develops Blood Sweat & Tears into a contemporary voice, one that reaches beyond a single audience. […]

    So, too, with Blood, Sweat & Tears. “I believe BS&T has an iconic stature. It’s a style of music,” says Colomby. “A concept that people are coming to see, along with songs that they’re familiar with. Which have to be played and sung in a spirited way, by talented young musicians.”

    His desire to create a 21st century B, S & T brand first began to come into focus when he heard singer Bo Bice performing “Spinning Wheel” on American Idol. “Bo’s an original,” says Colomby, “with great musicianship and terrific stage presence. I believe he has the level talent it will take for where this band is headed. When I saw him perform I thought, ‘he could sing a lot of this material in a newer fresher way.’ I don’t want to make comparisons, and I’m not looking for a David Clayton-Thomas soundalike, That would working backwards. Bo’s style works perfectly with ‘God Bless the Child’ and ‘Spinning Wheel’ and ‘You Made Me So Very Happy’ as well as with the material that the band will be perform as we move musically forward.” […]

    Hearing Bice with the musicians of BS&T, energized Colomby and gave him the urge to re-involve himself with the band he originally founded.

    Hmmm. Sounds like it’s all arranged but the shouting.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this since we first started to suspect something was brewing. At first, I didn’t like the idea of Bo singing cover songs on the nostalgia circuit. But I’ve come around to thinking it’s a very good opportunity. Touring with BST will get Bo out in front of big crowds and new fans, but they aren’t on the road so much that he can’t also work on his own music. BST has some great songs and they really do suit Bo. I’m hoping to see some of those bluesy, jazzy rhythms show up in his material after this.

    What really changed my mind – hearing him sing with the band. Something that sounds so right can’t be wrong.

    This isn’t official, but it sure seems like there ought to be an announcement soon. What do you think, peeps?

  • He’s going to Hollywood

    Interesting news from a venue in Kansas:

    The Raz
    FYI everyone, Bo will be appearing in Hutchinson a week later now on May 25th, not May 18th as originally scheduled as he will be appearing on the finals of American Idol the week before!

    Bo hasn’t been out to LA for the AI finale since 2010, so I’m a little surprised that he’s not only going but has planned it out 3 months ahead of time. Is it possible he’s really going to be ON the show, and not just AT it? It is well past time AI had an alumni reunion (that last minute chorus line they slapped together for Simon’s departure doesn’t count.) Stay tuned!

  • Wrong turn

    A few days ago I said that I was surprised to read that Bo was planning a big tour of Christian radio stations and possibly taking a whole new direction in his music. Well, Bo was surprised by the news, too. The word from tonight’s house party is that Bo would like us all to know that it’s not true. He is doing some sort of religious side project (the peeps say he played them a new and wonderfully bluesy/gospelish song tonight). But all that stuff about a nationwide church and CCM radio tour from the last blog – not gonna happen.

    Thanks for clearing that up, Bo.

  • Have you seen this man?

    Does this guy look familiar? Did you see him on your tv in the middle of the night? We all thought that Bo was spending the holiday weekend at home with family, football, and hot dogs. But this morning we’re seeing some online chatter that makes us wonder:

    Did you see Bo Bice on the telethon? I text’d you. Ace was on too

    Nice seeing Bo Bice on the Jerry Lewis telethon along with Ace Young, David Archuleta, and Brandon and Bradford from General Hospital.

    The M.D.A. Thelethon is truly in trouble when the have Bo “Hillbilly” Bice performing , a reject from American Idol…problem is…. I can’t stop watching …… Pretty good!!

    It’s not uncommon for people who don’t know Bo well to get him confused, usually with Bo Diddley, Lee Brice, or Jesus Christ. But I’m pretty sure Bo’s idol buddy Elliott Yamin knows what he looks like, and he said:

    bo bice is on now!….that’s my homie 2!!

    Hmmm. Did Bo make a surprise appearance on the MDA Telethon? Was it live or recorded? Most of these comments are from people in LA – perhaps the local affiliate there ran a Bo video they had handy? What say you, peeps? Did you see Bo on the broadcast last night or early this morning? If you did, let’s hear all about it.

    ETA: Bo did appear at the MDA affiliate in Nashville sometime today to present a check for the money raised at a benefit in Winchester, TN last month. But from what we can tell, this station didn’t start airing the telethon until after some of the comments above were posted. The mystery continues.

  • Bo to join The Black Crowes tribute?

    An intriguing tidbit was just posted in the comment section on the Black Crowes facebook page:

    TBC is being inducted into the 32nd annual Georgia Music Hall of Fame Sept 11th at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. Chuck Leavell will be inducting them and they will be performing. We just reduced ticket prices. DON’T MISS IT!!!! Styx will be perfoming along with Jason Bonham and Bo Bice for an all star jam. It is a great night to show them your support!

    Wouldn’t that be a show! This hasn’t been confirmed, but it doesn’t seem outlandish. The Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman is a good friend of Bo’s, and played on See The Light, 3, and Brothers of the Southland. Bo’s also done a few gigs with Styx before.

    If this is legit, it will probably go down as another dream come true for Bo, who’s been singing the band’s songs since he was a teenager. Remember this performance? One of my favorites.


    ETA: It looks like this really is happening, since the organizers of the Hall of Fame have now chimed in:

    Chuck Leavell is inducting them and Styx, along with Jason Bonham and Bo Bice will be inducting Charlie Brusco with an all star jam. It is gonna be a great night!

    Charlie Brusco is Bo’s former manager.

    Tickets are on sale now, but if you can’t make it, the show will be shown live on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

  • Is Bo performing on the AI finale this week?

    Idol world is ablaze with rumors about AI alums being all over the stage at the Nokia on Wednesday. Elliott’s tweeted that he and Taylor will be up on stage together, Michael Johns just announced that he’s been asked to perform, and there’s a report that Jordin and Blake are duetting. Most bloggers are guessing that there’s going to be a big alumni reunion and sing-along as part of a send-off for Simon Cowell. It sure seems like the right way to mark the end of an era, doesn’t it?

    If that’s true, I can’t imagine that Bo wouldn’t be invited to perform – he’s willing, he’s able, and he’s there. Fingers crossed!

  • The race is on

    Bo is hitting the ground running this week, and it looks like the PR build up to his next album is underway. Over the weekend he spent a couple days doing photo shoots in the studio and in downtown Nashville.

    CarrieDSmith: “Watching my man work @rysmithdirector shooting @OfficialBoBice, its going to look great!”

    On Tuesday, Bo will performing at the launch party for the Tin Pan South Songwriter’s Festival. I’ve got my fingers crossed the party will include the news that he’ll also be singing at the festival itself later this month. Those new songs of his – definitely songwriter festival-worthy.

    At the end of the week, Bo will be showing off his dancing/golfing/poker skills at the Toyota Skinner Roundup for Charity.

    NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Champion driver and Volusia County resident Mike Skinner announced today that the 4TH ANNUAL TOYOTA SKINNER ROUND UP FOR CHARITY Presented by Rue & Ziffra Personal Injury Attorneys will take place on Thursday, March 11, and Friday, March 12, at Daytona International Speedway and Spruce Creek Country Club in Daytona Beach, Fla.

    Among the celebrities to help raise funds to benefit Volusia County charities include jazz & blues superstar Stacy Mitchhart, “American Idol’s” Bo Bice, NASCAR Drivers Ron Hornaday, Steve Park, Tommy Baldwin, and Rick Crawford. Over the last three years, celebrities and the community have joined Mike in raising over a half a million dollars for area charities.

    In between, there’s an uncomfirmed rumor floating around that Bo may be taping an appearance on a new cooking show with Emeril.

    “The Emeril Lagasse Show” will feature one of America’s most popular chefs as he has never been seen before. Each week, Emeril will welcome celebrity guests, musicians and entertainers to break news and break bread as Emeril shares his world, his friends and his passions with the studio audience and viewers at home. A house band will be on set, playing live music and interacting with Emeril, guests and audience.

    This is a little sketchy, so don’t be setting your dvr just yet. But Bo is a musician and he does like to cook – that can’t be a coincidence, can it?

    Bo’s all dressed up with places to go – I’ve got a good feeling that this is just the beginning. Grab a friend if you want, come along, you can join me for the ride.

  • LA for a day

    Bo’s being a national man of mystery again. Just a few days after returning home to Nashville following a California tour, he’s twittered that he made a long, fast trip back west.

    Now Back Out 2 LA For A Day! Whats Up With That? Fun! Thats What!

    But why? Why Bo? Why? There’s been some speculation on Carrie Underwood fan boards that he may be making a cameo appearance on her upcoming Christmas tv special. She’s been filming the show in LA this week, and there’s a rumor that it’ll include a skit/spoof/sparks and confetti recreation of her crowning moment as American Idol winner (I’m not seeing the holiday tie-in, but perhaps it was actually elves that brought her there.)

    Seems like an odd idea to me, but Bo’s certainly good-natured enough to go along with losing again in front of millions as a favor to a friend. What do you think? Anybody got any other ideas?

    ETA: Bo confirmed in an interview on the FOX station in Charlotte NC that he did tape an appearance on Carrie’s Christmas special yesterday.

  • Bo to appear on 2009 MDA Telethon?

    It appears that Bo Bice may be appearing on the Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon once again. There’s been no official announcement as of yet, but our ever sleuthful sjohnston asked telethon staff if he would be performing this year, and they said yes. Great news!

    Here’s Bo’s lovely performance of Sinner in A Sin during last year’s event –

    Bo’s good buddy Ace Young will be returning as co-host, as will Bo’s idol and man-crush Tom Bergeron. The 2009 MDA Telethon telethon takes place in Las Vegas September 6-7, and will be televised live nationwide.