Cover Bo

There’s a nice article about Bo and his health in the latest ‘issue’ of Body and More. This isn’t an actual magazine, but a collection of stories that newspapers, magazines, and trade publications can buy to insert into their own publications. So don’t look for this in your grocery aisle. It’s a pleasant little read anyway, and Bo sure looks good and healthy, doesn’t he?

He drank way too much and didn’t take care of his health. Add in the fact that Bice suffered from intussusception, an intestinal condition he’s had since birth that worsens under stress, and Bice was on a collision course. “I knew liquor wasn’t good for the body, but I liked it.”

This philanthropic, spiritual man is a far cry from the party boy who was once arrested for cocaine and marijuana possessions (charges were dropped) and who has been in and out of hospitals. His doctors have given him a clean bill of health, his career is once again going in the right direction and he’s a happy husband and dad. So if you ever see him eating pizza, let him enjoy it.

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  1. Coverbo!

  2. Avatar BikerChick
    BikerChick says:

    I really love “this philanthropical, spiritual man,” as it’s a big part of who Bo is – giving of himself and a lover of people. Add in the family trips to Chuck E. Cheese and I can see why Bo is in such a good place these days ;-)

  3. Interesting article about Bo’s health issues. I don’t believe I had ever read before that liquor affected the condition. I knew that he said he could no longer drink liquor but for some reason I had not connected the dots. I hope Bo has conquered this problem and does not have to deal with it ever again. Obviously I am happy that his career is once again going in the right direction. Hey BikerChick, I think they go to Cici’s for pizza; unfortunately Cici’s pizza is worse than Chuck E Cheese.

  4. HooWhee! I was sleepy til I took a look at that picture. That face woke me up big time!!