Doing the rounds

Bo’s been busy chatting up all the radio stations set up in Nashville for the CMA Awards this week. We won’t be hearing his name announced on Wednesday, but he’s working it anyway. Here’s a sampling:

And for those of you suffering hair shock, links to a few strictly audio selections:
WIRK in Palm Springs Bo on CMA Week

WQYK Tampa Bay Bo’s thoughts on painting

KMPS Seattle Bo talks pet tricks

Country 102.5 Boston Bo on parenting

KRST Albuquerque Bo’s living the dream

That must have been some kind of coffee in the press room, because Bo’s been sounding pretty hyped up all day.

3 Responses to Doing the rounds

  1. Work it, Bo!

    Great you like Beantown!

    “Please come to Boston…”

  2. Avatar BikerChick57
    BikerChick57 says:

    Thanks for the Bo interviews, Jenn. I love Bo’s story of parenting, except I find it hard to believe that all the “good stuff comes from the Bice side of the family.” Bwah ha ha!!!!!!

  3. “Redneck” hope diamond. bwah!