It’s a wrap

If only I lived in Atlanta! I’d be all over this like stick on tape. AI wrapping paper! Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t go?

From Tuesday, Dec. 18 – Monday, Dec. 24, “American Idol” will be setting up a complimentary gift wrapping station at the Lenox Square Mall where shoppers can have their purchases wrapped in exclusive “Idol”-themed paper.

Cumming’s own Bo Bice, season four runner up, will be at the mall on Tuesday at 1 p.m. to greet fans and help with wrapping. I know. this is a bit strange but I hope Bice will be well compensated!

People will also be able to donate American Red Cross.while having gifts wrapped.

It’s not strange, Rodney – it’s PR for the next season of Idol, and they’re doing it all over the country.

Santa, out!

4 Responses to It’s a wrap

  1. Why does Rodney always say Bo is from Cummming GA? I thought he lived in Covington.

  2. Avatar earthdreamer
    earthdreamer says:

    Hate Lenox Mall at Christmas, but love, love, love Bo. Guess which one will win out! Sounds like fun to just watch him charm everyone! Merry Christmas!

  3. I’d be there just to stand back and watch.

  4. My Christmas wish……all wrapped up in Bo !