Lions anthem

Remember when Bo sang the national anthem at an NFL game in Detroit in 2011? We knew right away that he looked good.

Twitter reported that he sounded good, too, but we were never able to hear it for ourselves. However, sooner or later our crack sleuth always gets her man, and she’s just tracked down a video clip. High five, sjohnston!

It’s amazing to hear his voice bouncing off the rafters in the stadium. And to hear an NFL crowd that quiet and respectful up until the big notes! Way to go, Bo.

3 Responses to Lions anthem

  1. Avatar jgccole97
    jgccole97 says:

    Wow, what a voice! Would loved to hear that live.

    btw, he looks real pretty.

  2. Damn, my computer will drive me crazy, I was in the middle of commenting and bam, I was thrown off the page. Anyway,

    OMG, did he sound freaking amazing in that stadium, and OMG, the Lion fans were SCREAMING, when I was listening I got goose bumbs, and a huge smile when I heard the audience response, and yeah, Bo looks real pretty, I sure miss that look.

  3. What a voice! Yes, he did look good, too. :)