Making it his own

Blood, Sweat and Tears has added that promo video with Bo to it’s website and made it public on youtube, too.

Out on the road, Bo and BS&T are continuing to get great reviews.

Blood, Sweat & Tears if not is still as awesome as they were back in the day. Their performance as musicians can’t get any better than that! Bo Bice is a perfect pick for lead singer, his voice is as if he was reincarnated to sing with the band.

I didn’t think this would be that good without the original band but it was. Bo Brice has a killer voice, is surprising good frontman.

Did they make you so very happy?
Yup everyone was happy. Bo Bice Is the Lead Singer. And played guitar. He blew everyone away.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears put on a great show at One World Theater tonight. Sounded just like they did when I saw them back in the day. The singer was Bo Bice, who almost beat out Carrie Underwood years ago, back when I watched American Idol. He has a big voice, raspy, like David Clayton Thomas had.

Bo rocked the house down. He makes the perfect front man fit this band. He made every song sound original yet made it his own. What a voice!

Congratulations, Bo! You’re killin’ it.

4 Responses to Making it his own

  1. That is just how I remembered it at Berklee. Simply a great performance. Congratulations to Bo on his success.

  2. Avatar earthdreamer
    earthdreamer says:

    I saw Bo with BST the first time in Oxford, AL, their first show together. Since then I’ve seen him a couple of more times, once at the Berklee in this video. After watching the videos of Texas I can see where he’s making the songs his own more & more as he gets more comfortable. I love seeing that evolution! And I’m sure there’s more to come! Kudos to your brilliance Bo!

  3. Avatar BikerChick57
    BikerChick57 says:

    Awesome comments. Wish I didn’t have to wait until June to so Bo and BS&T!

  4. I would really love to see Bo and BS&T,maybe they’ll get close to Colorado