New Soul Revival

New Soul Revival was released in April, 2013, though Bo’s been working on it most of his life. describes it as “10 songs of family, fellowship & faith. It’s a toe tapping, hand clapping journey down an old southern dirt road to a revival tent.”

Bo talked to Billboard about the project in early 2012 –

He says some have been surprised about the his musical direction. He says it’s nothing new. “People will say ‘So, you’re going to do some Christian work, huh?” and I say, ‘I’ve been doing Christian work since ‘Idol.’ If you look at the stuff I was doing right after, on ‘Real Thing,’ one of the songs I did was called ‘Valley Of Angels.’ – a very Spiritual based song. On my follow-up CD ‘See The Light,’ the single was ‘Witness,’ which was very Spiritual based music. This is just another dimension into that. I’m really trying to bring that Black Crowes / Lenny Kravitz feel to Contemporary Christian, and I’m not trying to thump people with the Bible. I’m just to spread the word about what has helped me through life,” he says.

And then to a year later –

Bo Bice describes the sound of his new album “New Soul Revival” like this: “It’s almost like if Ray Charles and Willie Nelson ran into each other and jammed one evening.”

“New Soul Revival” features gospel hymns (“I’ll Fly Away,” “Isn’t No Grave (Gonne Hold My Body Down),” etc.) and new, Americana-tinged originals (Bice’s “Glory Hallelujah” and “Snow White Dove,” and a song co-written with longtime producer D. Scott Miller, “I Had An Enemy”).

“I’ve had people say, ‘You’re a Southern rock guy that put out a rock CD, put out a country CD and now you’re doing gospel.'” Bice says. “Well yeah, I love music. Why do I have to be one thing?”

Cover Art

Track Listing

1. Ain’t No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down)
2. Glory Hallelujah
3. Hard Times Come Again No More
4. I Had an Enemy
5. I’ll Fly Away
6. I’ve Got the Key to the Kingdom
7. People Get Ready
8. Snow White Dove
9. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
10. Wrapped in His Embrace

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