Nobody does it better


Happy Fourth of July, peeps! It’s time for cook-outs, flag-waving, and BFB’s favorite brand of fireworks – Bo Bice singing the Star Spangled Banner. We’ve heard Bo sing the national anthem many times – he loves to do it and he always does it well. No melisma, no pretentions, no making it his own, just a sure and simple reverence.

Now, singing the national anthem is in no way a contest. But if it was…

Nobody does it better

Makes me feel sad for the rest

Nobody does it half as good as you

Baby, you’re the best

3 Responses to Nobody does it better

  1. Avatar Linda Mallory a/k/a Bobby McGee
    Linda Mallory a/k/a Bobby McGee says:

    Absolutely stunning! That performance at the hockey game was THE BEST I HAVE EVER HEARD, as someone at the game was heard saying at the end. I agree! Gorgeous, thrilling, sincere. BRAVO!!!

    PS: After all this time, I’m delighted you kept my e-mail address and sent this wonderful post to me. THANKS!!

  2. I agree with Linda. It’s been a decade and I still appreciate getting my Bo updates and trips down memory lane from BFB. Thanks for the good times and still sharing and caring.