Bo’s going to be making a lot of appearances on FOX in the next few days, according to Bobice.com.

Bo will be making several appearances on the Fox Television Network – starting with Sunday, May 16th when he makes an appearance on Geraldo at 10 PM (EST) / 9 PM (CST).

Check out these other appearances on the Fox Network:

Bo will be doing Fox & Friends on May 18th

He will also make an appearance on Scoreboard with David Asman on the Fox Business Network on May 19th at 7 pm EST.

The Business Network? Interesting.

12 Responses to Outfoxed

  1. Avatar lulu1001
    lulu1001 says:

    Good luck to anyone who tries to make it through Fox and Friends. I think they give out medals for that ;-)

  2. I would watch Bo on any station that wants to talk to him and I hope this is just the start of of much more media coverage.

  3. Avatar Jennheifer
    Jennheifer says:

    I couldn’t do it if there wasn’t a mute button.

  4. Avatar bojunkie
    bojunkie says:

    I absolutely love that he is getting some national exposure! Doesn’t matter what channel. :)

  5. Avatar BikerChick
    BikerChick says:

    Why the question mark after Business Network? Bo is a CEO after all!

    OK, so is another significant Fox program going to show Bo some love next Wednesday? I think he truly deserves the exposure.

  6. Avatar u2vixen
    u2vixen says:

    Yes AI please. That’s the only one shown here. :(

    OT, it was great to see Bo’s homecoming. Might be a sign of good things to come. Go Fox channel! (Can’t believe I said that.)

  7. I love ya Bo, you know I do. But Fox? Not this gal.

  8. Avatar FLCathy
    FLCathy says:

    Damn I thought everybody here loved Fox LOL I do! 3 Fox appearances kind of makes the other news channels behind the times JMO

  9. Going to the most popular news channel on the planet is a great move. Would you prefer CNN or CNBC where he would be seen by exactly 4 people?

  10. I’ll watch anything for Bo, even Fox (with the mute on).

  11. Avatar Jennheifer
    Jennheifer says:

    Yes Joe, I do want Bo to be on CNN. And NBC and CBS and RFDTV and the Game Show Network. I want Bo to appear on every damn channel that’ll have him. But that doesn’t mean I have to be willing to watch him on all of them.

  12. I’m showing my age,but I do watch Fox and Friends on a daily basis. It is a political but, pretty honest network.As for cable, it pulls in the highest ratings. Good for Bo. His honesty and integrity is a perfect fit.Who knows? Hearing his new single and listening to his sincerity will surely increase his fan base.