• Review from St. Louis

    In amongst its love for home-town boy Nikko Smith, The St. Louis Post Dispatch found room for some Bo love too.

    Highlights were plentiful, as the singers performed at the top of their games, and Bice didn’t let a little something like a recently broken foot stop him. He hobbled on stage and warned the crowd he wouldn’t be able to jump around. But he moved just fine, albeit with a major limp on “Vehicle’’ and “Sweet Home Alabama.’’ The likable Underwood brought her light country edge to “Independence Day’’ and “Sin Wagon,’’ and she and Bice made for a great pair on “Bless the Broken Road,’’ both seated with acoustic guitars.

    And the good news just keeps on coming….

  • Chicago Reviews

    Here’s another great review for Bo from the Chicago Sun Times. The writer was not impressed with the show at all, but he loved him some Bo Bice! Here are a couple of excerpts:

    … it’s astounding and impressive to see how musically diverse the contestants have become. Lanky Southern rocker Bo Bice, this year’s runner-up, treated the crowd to a blistering jaunt through Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile,” complete with fiery electric guitar playing — there’s a curveball for the tween demographic!

    And a little later:

    Bice and Underwood were charismatic and likable. A limping Bice earned points for gamely executing his rock-heavy set despite a broken foot.

    It’s so great to see Bo getting top marks at every stop on the tour…. when’s that solo tour?

  • Award for Bo

    Readers at TWoP just voted Bo Bice “Most Redemptive Character in an Otherwise Sucky Show from the 2004-2005 Season.” Bo beat out Carolyn from The Apprentice and Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives. Yay Bo!

    In other news, Bo continues to shine on the AI tour – here’s the latest review, this time from the Chicago Daily Herald. Bo highlights:

    Perhaps the most important thing the concert showed us is that Bo Bice is still a much, much, much better singer and performer than Carrie Underwood, even though she claimed the “Idol” crown last May. ….

    Meanwhile, Bo rocked the nearly sold out arena with “Desperado” and his trademark “Vehicle.” How this man didn’t win the competition remains one of the world’s greatest mysteries ever. And the crowd’s support of him seemed to prove that.

    The Chicago Daily Herald may have less than stringent grammar rules, but they clearly have good taste in music.

  • Heard on the forums:

    While wandering around the BFB forums, I came across this post (posted with permission from Misha):

    According to a message tonight from a fan on bicesquad.net, a Sam Goody store she was shopping in has posted the scheduled release date for Bo’s CD as 11/29. (I couldn’t find confirmation at Amazon, B&N, or Sam Goody online, but maybe soon.)

    Could it possibly be true? Is it possible in a little under four months we’ll have new Bo to listen to and discuss endlessly? And could the solo tour to promote it be far behind? I’m faint with excitement at the thought!

  • Recent News Links

    My latest round of trawling for Bo has resulted in a few links. Most are talking about his broken foot. I’m sure you all heard about that, right? It was actually even reported by CNN, People and yes, even on MTV. So, while the injury is definitely bad news, the fact that all these outlets deem him important enough to report on it is at least some small consolation.

  • Hi there!

    Welcome to Bona Fide Bice. This site is planned to be a complete unofficial site for Bo Bice. Right now we’re in the process of just starting out so there’s not much here. However, in the near future we hope to have an in-depth biography, some sort of photo gallery, a full archive of print stories that featured (or even mentioned) Bo and this frequently updated blog, of course. We already have completely working forums where you’re welcome to register and jump into the conversations going on. Mind you, there a few basic rules but overall it’s a very laid back kind of vibe – we think (hope!) Bo would approve. All in all, there are definitely big plans on the way and we hope you stick around to see them. Comments are relished so if you have something to say or an idea for the site you think would improve it, by all means, speak up!