Right Here Waiting sneak peek

Robin Meade’s album, featuring a duet with Bo Bice, is now up for pre-order on itunes. That means you can listen to a nice long snippet of Right Here Waiting, if you dare. I did, several times, and I do believe that Bo pulls it off (Robin Meade, too). The song is still a soulless cheesefest that fits him like a cheap suit, but his voice sounds great on it anyway. What do you think, peeps? Does he or doesn’t he?

(Bo also joins Victoria Shaw, Gary Burr, Sara Buxton, and Kix Brooks as backup singers on Dirty Laundry – I suggest passing on that one.)

2 Responses to Right Here Waiting sneak peek

  1. I LOVE “Right Here Waiting” and will buy the album if only for that song (I haven’t listened to anything else yet). Robin and Bo’s voices compliment each other so well!

  2. Avatar BikerChick57
    BikerChick57 says:

    I love what I hear with “Right Here Waiting”. Nice harmonies, very pretty! I hope I can buy just the single.

    Dirty Laundry? No, no, no. That is a sacred Eagles song. It’s a “no” for me.