I Ain’t Gonna Die lyrics

(B. Bice/SugarMoney Publishing (BMI), G. Nichols/Fame Music Publishing, LLC (BMI))

What a strange situation that I got myself into
I knew I should have listened when they said stay away from you
I made my decision, I didn’t care about the consequence
The pain, the lies, you hurt my pride
I wonder where my money went

You do what you do just to get at me
If it makes you feel good go ahead and try
I’ll take anything that you throw at me
It might hurt but I ain’t gonna die (no, no, no)

Well you wouldn’t know a good thing if it looked you in the face
If you’d pay attention instead of getting off into my space
You’d see a new way that wasn’t there the day before
One more try, if not, goodbye
Go ahead and close the door