See the Light

Bo and Thomas Lee wrote this song. According to Bo, “Some people have bad luck, some people don’t have no luck at all.”

Forum poster jgccole97 came up with what I believe is a spot-on analysis of the lyrics in this song:

Someone that Bo respects (or fears) – SAM, Earle, Pastor Donnie(?), had a “come to Jesus meeting” with him to let him know that no matter how good he is, he could not carry the load/burden of a not so talented backing band.

There’s a meeting across the river
Just past the smokescreen in your eyes
Everybody’s waitin’ to see you deliver
Now’s the time to break the tie that binds
Come on down now, from your fences
Come on down to the other side

This relates to his illness and his thinking that he had to perform no matter how sick to pay the bills. Someone made him realize that if he died he was not going to help anyone.

Broken down in another man’s cell
Who’s gonna be there to pay your bail?
It’s hard sometimes to know what is right
Everyday, just another hard time
You should know by now you gotta pay to ride
But that’s alright, I finally see the light

An attempt by someone to lay a guilt trip on him about the split.

Didn’t think there’d be a sermon
Don’t make no difference, by and by
I can’t be bothered by your burden
It’s just a matter of time before it dies

This is about the end of Sugarmoney as we knew it and the rumors that started floating.

Just go on about your business
Break out the truth at the light of day
One more thing you should consider
Is how your lies gave you some damn good shade.

The lyrics are here.