Sinner in a Sin lyrics

(B. Bice/SugarMoney Publishing (BMI))

Sometimes it’s hard to know
If you’re going or if you’re gone
So you dodge from right to left
Never knowing which way is wrong
Holdin’ strong to all you know
Slippin’ faster to your fall

Just like a sinner in a sin
The loser that never wins
I’m a poet without a pen
I’ve always been, and I do it again


Gonna paint the town tonight
Use colors green and amber
Like a painter without a brush
Whose colors fail to capture
It’s the chaos I understand
And it’s the calmness in my rants of anger


One day I’m gonna wake up
And I know that the sun is gonna shine (sun shinin’ down)
Someday I know the clouds are gonna part
And I know that its rays they will find me

(Chorus x2)