Show ’em what you got, Bo

Tomorrow is a big day for Bo, a day that could also mean a lot for all of us fans who would like to see more of Bo on stage. He and the band are performing at the International Entertainment Buyers Association conference in Nashville Sunday night. Say what, you say? The IEBA describes itself as a “trade organization for talent buyers, concert promoters, agents, managers, artists and other related entertainment professionals. IEBA provides networking, showcasing and educational opportunities to strengthen relationships, foster growth and increase revenue for the live entertainment industry. IEBA is known for showcasing the best and brightest talent in all genres of music and all fields of entertainment—exposing buyers to the freshest acts for the buying season.” In other words, Bo’s going to be showing his stuff to a whole bunch of the people who put on concerts. If they like what they see, maybe we’ll all get a lot more chances to see it too.

Check out the schedule – it’s all about how to make money from touring, and there’s an impressive lineup of artists appearing who all want a piece of that. Bo will be part of a showcase put on by his booking agency, APA.

APA will get the showcases started at IEBA on Sunday, October 3 with a strong mix of soulful, southern rock and country that will get everyone in the mood for three days of partying. Don’t miss Blackberry Smoke, Bo Bice, Darryl Worley, and a surprise special guest artist!

Knock them off their feet, Bo!

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  1. Avatar DeeFender
    DeeFender says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity! Good luck, Bo!