Then again, maybe we do know

Forum poster Dianelev just received this from person who was at Bo’s show last night:

After being there last night, I am very worried. Bo did not look well at all. We saw him last year and he looks as though he has lost at least 10 pounds. His face was pale and cheeks were sunk in. I don’t really know what is going on but he could not finish the show. He came out sang two songs, quickly went off stage in the end of a song not finished. The poor keyboard player didn’t know what to do. Then he left. We waited over 30 minutes for Bo to return. He said he had a touch of the flu and was really sick but would sing two more songs. His voice was bad. Believe me, I think he is awesome and I heard him live when he was feeling well and he caused goose bumps. Something is just not right. If you can understand this, his actions were slowed. He just seemed like he could not handle it. At the end when he spoke to us and said he was blessed to have his family and his career and thank us all for coming out he almost sounded like is was going to cry. Then at the end he had the two guys hold him up. I left very depressed and worried about him. I guess its that mom thing that comes out.

Not happy news. He’s supposed to play tonight, so we’ll see how that concert goes.

Or doesn’t go.

UPDATE to the original message:

I think I didn’t make myself clear. He did not have to be helped off stage. He did seem weak and he asked Tommy and Gary to come stand and put their arms around him and they bowed. Again, he did seem weak and shaky. He did quit at the end of a song and not finish and he did come back on stage.

5 Responses to Then again, maybe we do know

  1. Avatar sheeney
    sheeney says:

    I’m very worried. This doesn’t sound anything like a cold or flu to me.

  2. Avatar lulu1001
    lulu1001 says:

    So much about this stuff is in the eye of the beholder though. I don’t think we should jump on every Internet report – that person already clarified her comment about Bo needing to be held up by Gary and Thomas.

  3. Poor Bo. Why are things always so difficult for him? He just can’t seem to catch a break.

    I love Bo to pieces and it makes me sick a little too knowing he’s not up to par. Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious this time and he’s ready to rock out again by tonight.

  4. Avatar standard88
    standard88 says:

    Bo, baby I’m hoping you’re well soon. I’m thinking it’s flu and you’ll feel better before we know it. Thinking positive here. Weren’t there several Boho’s attending the show last night? Is Diane’s post on the blog the only recap? Keeping the faith that Bo is close to his old-self tonight.

  5. Haven’t we already passed the flu season? I’m just a worrier.