They’re Still Talking About Bo Bice

I have to admit, I love it when someone on Idol slaughters a song that Bo already made his own, because then all the reviewers and bloggers remember Bo and I get to read all the glowing comments.

Last night someone called Chris Richardson, who looked a little bit like Justin Timberlake but sadly didn’t sound anything like him, attempted IDWB. And hey presto! Blogs, website and forums lit up with Bo’s name.

sjohnston found just a few:


Chris Richardson – I liked the song choice, but I thought his vocals weren’t that great. I can’t help but think of Bo Bice’s performance of it, which I loved.


Chris Richardson – I Don’t Wanna Be – Bo Bice did this two years ago and thanks to him Gavin DeGraw’s original version got played more on the radio.


I think Chris runs the risk of being compared to Bo Bice, who sang the song two seasons ago. The fact that I remember that performance says it all – I remember that night – I remember I replayed Bice’s performace like four times because it was so good. Chris is really going to have to do something special to avoid being compared – and found lacking.


Why is no one having that Bo Bice “Drift Away” top 24 performance? They’re all picking crappy songs.


Richardson gave himself a tough task by picking Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want to Be.” Not only was his performance not as good as DeGraw’s, it wasn’t as good as Bo Bice’s version from the fourth season of the show. On the other hand, it was a lot better than the singers who came before him.


Holy shit, Bo Bice ripped this song…and this sounds awful. This is painful. oh God get off the stage. I’m dizzy. Well, I guess if JT was singing this song, this is what it would sound like. But really Boy Band version of Bo = dooky.


Why would someone sing Bo Bice’s breakout song? He does not even come close to generating the goosebumps Bice inspired. Thought he was off-key the whole song. He may have been an octave too high. Yecch.


Chris Richardson sucked ASS and I hope he goes HOME. He has this nasally reedy voice that I can’t stand. (And using that nasally reedy voice on a song that Bo Bice did so well two seasons ago? Dumb.)


A famous alum will perform tomorrow night and break some very exciting news. Oh yeah? Which alum is that? Maybe Bo Bice will sing a song and talk about how he’s getting far, far away from Clive, and will encourage the other contestants to do the same. I’d like to see that.

Word to the wise for future contestants – if you see a song on the list that Bo already killed on, avoid it like the plague unless you KNOW you can do it better. Hint: You may be OK with “Corner of the Sky” from the musical Pippen (but even then, I’m saying don’t be complacent!)

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  1. Chris’ version was horrendous, outrageous and obnoxious. In fact it was like a juvenile epileptic performance.

  2. Happy to know it’s not just me who thought that performance stunk worse that 5-day-old road kill on a hot summer highway. I’m still basking in the afterglow of hearing Bo sign that song. Why would some joker try to burst my happy little bubble? Bad choice dawg, whoever you are.

  3. I cringed when tht kid started singing. Why would anyone do a Bo song?

    That will forever be a “Bo” song for me as well as anything else he sung or sings.

  4. I’m also taking great pleasure in everyone remembering Bo’s version and not Elliot’s from last season which I’ve tried to erase from my memory. Bo’s version is a perfect example of someone taking a song (sorry Gavin DeGraw, but your own version is all kinds of wimpy) and making it his own.

  5. Bo’s vocals on that were beyond hot (what else is new?) Chris R. is a cutie but, just no. It’s becoming more and more apparent just how good Bo was on that crapfest – he was miles beyond those guys at this stage of the game. Brace yourselves – I think Bo did Whipping Post on week 2? If any of those guys is dumb enough to touch that…let’s just say the blogs would be a hoot.

  6. Okay, I’ve been attempting not to compare other’s on Idol to Bo. BUT – when this dude went inot this song. What can I say? It’s just SUCKED SOOOO BAD compaired to Bo’s. Chris turned this song into a cutsey little “Backstreet Boys” version. Which isn’t that the OPPOSITE of the whole meaning of this song??? Not to be all “plastic” – but real??? Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of Bo and the AWESOME job he did on this particular song. In the end, it was great PR for Bo then – so maybe we should actually thank this Chris guy for doin’ such a horrid job?! LOL!!

  7. Avatar BikerChick
    BikerChick says:

    This is how I sum up the top 12 AI6 contestants last night: Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring. Someone please take all Bo songs off the approved list so others don’t murder them. Chefgirl, I was just thinking like you – God forbid if someone tries to sing W.P. Maybe the girls will be better tonight, but I won’t know that because I’ll be on my way to see The Real Thing. That would be a hoot for Bo to be on AI making an announcement about stripping himself of Clive, but I think he has other plans . . . .

  8. The kid stunk! Period. No one can and never will be able to out do any song that Bo sang on that show. Please just don’t even try. Bo Bice has changed AI forever. Sorry Gavin, but your own song sounds better when The Biceman singeth it.

  9. Avatar TexasBoFan
    TexasBoFan says:

    Quite frankly I don’t think any of those characters, with the possible exception of Blake, could’ve done justice to COTS. It may have been Bo’s weakest link, but it was still a very good performance.

  10. While we were watching last night’s crop of stiffs, my husband actually turned to me and said, “I miss Bo.”So do I.

  11. Ok, maybe I’m (we’re) prejudiced, but I think Bo’s weakest moment (if there was one) was so far above anything any of this years’ crop can achieve, it’s laughable. Also, Bo’s whole demeanor and stage presence is far, far beyond anything these boys can possibly imagine, why even try?! Let’s hope the girls show some talent.