Today he found another way

For all of you in torment because you couldn’t download Witness from Wal*Mart, you have been saved! The song can be heard in full on Bo’s myspace page. Na na nana na na na!

This is a great marketing strategy, and kudos to Bo’s people for putting his song out for everyone to hear. (Of course, it isn’t quite as good online as it is loaded on your ipod with fancy earphones hooked up and the volume turned up to 11. Trust me.)

Other great marketing news – the latest official message on promises that “Wal*Mart is gonna rock it out for Bo!” I don’t know exactly what that means, but it does sound like Bo won’t need to be selling albums out of the trunk of his car.

8 Responses to Today he found another way

  1. Jennheifer, thank you!!!!!!!!!


  2. Damn…I just got through cleaning out my trunk to help out! All that work wasted!!

  3. Avatar shelleypainter
    shelleypainter says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Walmarts are everywhere!!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next in Boland!

  4. Have I said that I love Walmart?

  5. I have to say I don’t like the song. I don’t know where it fits in todays music. The good thing is, I don’t have to like it. I love Bo and will buy the cd anyway. It’s the rest of the world that has to like it. What would you call Witness, Southern Rock or just Rock?

  6. I’d call it blues, rock and roll, southern rock, funk and so-hot-it-should-be-illegal-in-seven-states. It definitely has its own unique sound and I can see it on AAA formats at the very least.

    I’m so thrilled it’s on his MySpace page. People are going to love this song!

  7. I’d call it southern-fried funkalicious – but that’s just me! I don’t think it fits on any of the radio stations I know – but I don’t think it matters. Bo’s people seem to know what they’re doing promotion-wise and he doesn’t have to be multi-platinum with #1 pop hits to be successful.

    I think there is a big audience for this music – SAM just has to find them and it likely won’t be through radio since most of them don’t listen to the radio anymore.

  8. Oh man, this song just soooo TOTALLY ROCKS OUT! I can see lots of different types of stations playing it including some “Classic Rock” stations like KGB here in SD. Also a couple of “Indie” stations like KPRI & “Sophie.”

    Again, I was pretty upset over a lot of things about the CD, especially
    AB not being on there. Being my fav. song of Bo’s, I was THRILLED
    when it was announced as the “tentative title” and there was even a
    cool “CD Cover Contest” for the fans to enter. I was disapointed when
    I found the CD title was changed but I was still looking forward to
    getting it and having AB to play over & over again. So then when the
    track list for sure didn’t even have it, I felt like a little kids
    having thier favorite treat waved in front of them, letting the child
    smell the treat, even lick the treat for a taste of it. Then right
    before taking a big bite, the treat is snatched away from them and
    they’re told they can’t have it!

    Or if you want a more “adult” analogy, since many fans seem to think
    of Bo as they’re fantasy lover. It’s like your in bed with your lover
    and they’re kissing and caressing you and pressing all you “right
    buttons,” if ya know what I mean. They’re whispering sweet things in
    your ear and saying how they’re going to please you. So then you’re
    going, “Oh, yes, yes, yes, BABY YES!!” He’s goin’ “You like this
    baby?” And again, you moan out – “Ummm…yes, just like THAT!” Then
    right before the CLIMAX, he pulls away and leaves you there. Maybe
    it’s because the baby fell out of there crib and they’re crying which
    would be a very valid reason to get up and leave at that point. Or
    maybe it’s something that’s stupid like wanting to see some stupid
    sports show (like Nascar? wink, wink, LOL!) But never-the-less
    you’re still left there alone, cold and extremely frustrated.

    Well, that’s how I felt anyway. So just for the heck of it, I went to Bo’s myspace and I sat there with my arms
    crossed, going “Okay Bo, just MAKE my day. Impress me!” So I clicked
    on “Witness” and I was like “HOLY CRAP! THIS TOTALLY ROCKS!!!” It’s
    far BETTER than “I’m Gone” that was expected to be the single. This is one
    of Bo’s strongest tunes and vocal performance yet.

    So just as I had picked up my bags and had one foot out the door and
    was ready to leave – here Bo come with something better than a dozen
    freakin’ roses. So dang it, now I’m back again. Once again, on this
    crazy roller coaster with all it’s ups & downs and ready for another
    crazy, wild, bumpy ride.

    I also realized I really DO love the rest of the songs on the CD too.
    They really are the “REAL DEAL” THIS time around. I was just bummed
    there were so few and no AB. But perhaps we’ll be offered them
    as “bonus tracks” later or put out on another CD in the near future.