With two cats in the yard

Bobice.com members got an unexpected email yesterday…

Spend Valentine’s Day Weekend With Bo

Bo would like to extend a special invitation to you, to join him at his home for a Valentine’s Day dinner, on Saturday February, 11. Bo and Caroline will host 20 guests for a special Valentine’s dinner. Along with a delicious homemade meal, each guest will receive a box of chocolates, a rose, and a group photo with Bo.[…] Tickets for this once in a life time event are available to Bo Bice Fan Club members for $250 per person.

That’s not an invitation anyone ever expected Bo to make – he’s always asked fans to leave his home alone – so of course the forums are buzzing with excitement and speculation. I can’t explain it or afford it and I’m not sure what to make of it. But I can pretty much guarantee that it will be a hoot. Bo’s known for his warmth and hospitality, and he does love his peeps. Plus you know there’s bound to be singing.

2 Responses to With two cats in the yard

  1. Is there anyone else as good to his or her fans. My god what a man, what a family. Love you Bo. Please come to Jersey.

  2. Also a way to make a quick $5000.